Budget accommodation in Nyungwe National Park

Budget accommodation in Nyungwe National Park: While on a safari in Nyungwe National Park, there are various facilities which you can access in order to get the best budget accommodation facilities and services.

Gisakura Guest House

Budget accommodation in Nyungwe National Park


To begin with, Gisakura Guest House is located 2 kilometers from Nyungwe Forest National Park and it offers budget accommodation to travelers/tourists on safaris in the park. More to that, the lodge is found near the tea estate of Gisakura along the Cyangungu road.

Facilities at the lodge

This lodge has a bar, restaurant and en-suite rooms. While there, you can spend some quality time at the bar/restaurant. Also, you can be able to enjoy delicious food throughout the day. Additionally, the rooms provide absolute comfort for overnight stay.

Camping accommodation

There are various campsites in Nyungwe National park which provide accommodation to travelers that are interested in camping.

Uwinka Visitor center:

Budget accommodation in Nyungwe National Park

This center has two campsites and they have showers, tents and toilets. In addition, the water and firewood can be provided on request.

Mount Bigugu peak

This campsite is located on the peak of Mount Bigugu and has the capacity of 4 people. Also, visitors have to carry their own water.

Congo-Nile Divide Trail

Budget accommodation in Nyungwe National Park

This place comprises of 3 campsites which provide overnight accommodation for travelers moving along the Congo-Nile Divide Trail.

Wilderness campsites

Wilderness campsites

These campsites are located in the interior of Nyungwe forest jungle and offer a true wilderness experience. Visitors have to carry their tents, sleeping bags, food and firewood. Also, you can hire a park ranger for protection.

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