Murchison River Lodge-Midrange Murchison Falls NP


Murchison River Lodge-Midrange Murchison Falls NP: First of all, this lodge is located across 30 acres on the Southern bank of the River Nile. Additionally, it is a family-run lodge which offers panoramic views of Murchison Falls National Park.

The lodge was established by Chris and Georgie, a couple who wanted to create an ample environment for tourists regardless of their budget.

Outstanding qualities of the lodge 

The staff at this lodge provide excellent service and they are happy to share their knowledge of the local area. Some of the services include an evening escort from the restaurant to your accommodation since hippos often wander into the grounds at night.

More to that, the lodge is eco-friendly and uses solar power, this includes solar water pumps for the swimming pool and solar lights.

The on-site restaurant mainly uses locally sourced ingredients and products. For instance, the beef is bought from a local butchery in Jinja.

Additionally, the lodge offers a wide range of accommodation: thatched cottages, thatched safari tents, river tents and a campsite.

Murchison River Lodge puts commendable effort in ensuring environmental sustainability and empowerment of the local community.


Thatched Cottages

These cottages offer spacious accommodation that is perfect for families or a group of 4 adults. Each cottage has two single beds downstairs and a double bed on a mezzanine floor. The best feature of the cottage is the hammock on the veranda which is a great place to take in the stunning landscape.

Thatched Safari Tents

Situated between trees, these twin shared tents blend into their surroundings. Enjoy a safari camping experience which offers you comfort in your natural surroundings.

River Tents

Situated just metres away from the Nile, these twin shared tents offer a breath-taking view.


Suitable for adventurers who have their own camping equipment. There are many excellent spots that allow you to get close to the wildlife that surrounds you.


The restaurant provides a variety of delicious food. In the afternoon, tea is usually served as a way to wind down after an active day.

The bar is fully stocked providing tourists with a suitable environment for relaxation.

The lodge also has a swimming pool (covered with a roof) for an exceptional and fun pool experience.


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