Organizing a luxury gorilla safari to Nkuringo during the high season

Luxury gorilla safari to Nkuringo during the high season, gorilla trekking trip


Road Trips from Kigali to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Nkuringo sector of Bwindi impenetrable national park is in the southern part of Bwindi which is a habitant of four gorilla families, bikingi gorilla family which is only for research and three available for trekking. With just three families, this implies that there are just 24 available trekking permits for each day. The gorilla families here include Christmas, Nkuringo, Bushaho and bikingi gorilla families.

A dream destination

Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is one of the dream destinations where we offer luxury gorilla safaris with luxury lodges, freshly prepared food and drinks, local guide and an English guide, transfers in 4×4, private tours and all activities in this safari package.

Tourists who would love mixing gorilla trekking safari with other wildlife adventures are welcome to Uganda which boasts with diverse wildlife spread all over the country. Such adventures can be made in the hot air balloon for an exclusive experience or an open roof vehicle. Bwindi national park also offers exclusive gorilla habituation experience where you get to spend 4 hours with only four researchers with gorillas which can as well be included on your luxury gorilla safari.

Luxury lodges

For a spiced luxury safari, visiting Uganda’s gorilla sector, Nkuringo sector of Bwindi will give you magical views of ambiance from the luxury gorilla safari lodges which offer good quality services to travelers to the forest where these magnificent apes are, making you utilize the value of your money like in clouds mountain gorilla lodge, Nkuringo gorilla lodge with fairly good cottages, which was the leading safari lodge in Uganda four times in a row. Camp fires, fresh prepared food, music, restaurant and food etc.


Instead of the long drives in the cars, there are scheduled chartered flights operating with in the country to Bwindi national park on aero link. These flights are comfortable, non-tiring, and the fastest way to travel to this park however, there aren’t any direct flights to Nkuringo but to Kisoro which is just a 1 hour flight. Through the main high way, it’s just about 8-9 hours’ drive from Kampala to Bwindi Park and 4 hours’ drive from Kigali-Rwanda.

Securing your permit

Please note that gorilla trekking permits are not provided on this luxury safari. A traveler should secure this before travelling to Uganda for the tour. However, we can help you secure it.
Uganda gorilla permits cost 600$ for foreign residents, 700$ for foreign nonresidents and 250000UG shillings for east African citizens. Ensure that you book for your permit 5 or 4 months prior your luxury safari date to avoid disappointments especially at the peak seasons since these permits are few with a number of tourists flocking Nkuringo sector for gorilla trekking in the drier months of the year.

Best time to go trekking

The best time to book for this luxury gorilla safari is during the dry season. The roads in the park are dry making them accessible. Also, the skies are clear, rocks are not slippery and there are no or few rains to interrupt. If you are planning to come in the dry season ( peak season), book accommodation and gorilla permits in advance.

What to carry

Please ensure that you travel with;

  • a rain coat
  • insect repellants
  • torch
  • camera
  • binoculars
  • sunscreen
  • walking sticks
  • snacks
  • water
  • water proof hiking boots that incase it rains
  • gloves.


Pamoja tours and travel company is ready to help in every way we can when you book with us. We organize every kind of safari, secure your gorilla trekking permits, and transport you to and from, book accommodation as well as advising you accordingly. Contact us for any details about booking a luxury gorilla trekking safari in any part of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

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