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Seronera Wildlife Lodge












Seronera Wildlife Lodge in Cental Serengeti Tanzania. It is extremely fortunate in its location, which makes it a desirable locality for budget safari travellers who want only to experience the delights of spectacular scenery and its teeming wildlife. Strategically placed in the center of Serengeti plains, an apt name loosely translated as “the land that goes on forever.”

From all the rooms, there are extensive views of the plains and watering holes thronged with large mammals of over 70 species. They cleverly build these boulders of a kopje which incorporate into the design of various living spaces. It also affords close contact with denizens of the wild.


Hyrax and also baboon are readily encountered on the premises of Seronera Wildlife Lodge. Visiting elephants have been known to cause minor obstructions, but this must be offset against the undeniable benefits of opportunities to photograph abundant wildlife up close and in the raw. This huge but unpretentious budget lodge is easily accessible by road safaris in TZ. Set squarely on the path of the annual great migration of hundreds of thousands of zebras and over a million wildebeests, it offers a no-frills value abode to stay at during your safari to observe and record encounters between thousands of herds and hundreds of predators it attracts.

Accommodation at Seronera Wildlife Lodge

With 75 guestrooms, there is usually ample accommodation available for the many guests at Seronera Wildlife Lodge. These are guests who wish to stay in Tanzania especially to access this amazing natural amphitheater. This is at the heart of one of Africa’s oldest and largest wildlife park.

Seronera Wildlife Lodge



All rooms at Seronera Wildlife Lodge have basic amenities and mosquito nets over air vents. Remember that this is a very large complex far from civilization. Power, water and other amenities may not always be immediately available. But they make every effort to present the facilities to visiting guests’ best advantage.

There are rooms with twin or king sized beds, power points for shavers and hairdryers, en-suite bathrooms with vanity units. There is tea and coffee-making facilities, minibars and safes. Bathrobes and linen are provided for in-room use.

Other services

At Seronera Wildlife Lodge, there is housekeeping, laundry, massage services, currency exchange. There is a fine swimming pool with delightful views, a gymnasium, a boutique offering local handicrafts. Also there is an Internet cafe, a library and television lounge with satellite TV. Twenty-four-hour reception is also available with business center convenience, telephone, fax and radio.

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