The Kahungye Gorilla Family


The Kahungye gorilla family is one of the habituated families in Bwindi Impenetrable national park. The park is located in South Western part of Uganda and consists of 4 sectors namely; Ruhija, Buhoma, Rushaga and Nkuringo. Additionally, this family lives in the Rushaga sector which is the only sector where one can have the gorilla habituation process from. It was opened in 2011 for gorilla trekking after a successful habituation process.

The name Kahungye is a product of a hill’s name in the Rushaga area where the family was first sighted. In addition, this gorilla family group is fairly large in size even after some members left and formed a new group called Busingye family group.

The structure of the family

The Kahungye gorilla family group consists of 13 members including 3 silver-backs. The leader is Rwigi (meaning a door in Rukiga which is one of the country’s traditional languages). It is important to note that, just like among human beings, the number of members in the family changes from time to time. This happens due to births or deaths. Other causes are addition of new members, exiting of some members to join other groups or to form a new one of their own.

Originally, this family was comprised of 27 members including 3 silver-backs. This changed when some misunderstandings happened within the group leading to a split. Thereafter, there was formation of a new family, Busingye gorilla family group.

The gorilla trekking experience

You can have a gorilla trekking safari in the Rushaga sector of the park with an intention to specifically find and interact with the Kahungye gorilla family. At Pamoja Tours and Travel, we offer amazing gorilla trekking safaris such as the following;


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