Maiko National Park in Congo

Maiko National Park in Congo is one of the rich ecological national parks in Africa located in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. The park is in one of the most remote forested areas of the country covering over 10,885 sq.km2 (4,203 sq. miles) and its divided into three sectors i.e. Province Orientale, Maniema and Nord Kivu.

Maiko national park is an important site for the conservation of African forest elephants, eastern chimpanzees and the endemic aquatic genets. It also has 3 of the country’s spectacular endemic animals namely the Grauer’s Gorillas, the Okapi, and the Congo Peafowl that make it a must visit park while visiting Congo.

The park is the best conservation area for tracking the lowland Gorillas after the Kahuzi Biega in the whole of D.R Congo, and still one of the best places for primate viewing.  It has miles of trails for hiking and forest walks for visitors who love hiking making it suitable place to exercise your body.

The park is home to numerous endemic and rare species that haven’t yet been document. However, the presence of former rebels who have settlements in the park. This is along with poaching and illegal mining, meaning that many species are threatening with some falling victims of extinction. For example, a new gorilla subspecies that was first put on document in a 2005 survey was not found in the 2010 survey and its believed to have extinct.

 Things to do Maiko national park

Wildlife viewing

This is the common activity in the park to the variety of wildlife species that are present in abundance including the African forest elephants, eastern chimpanzees, lowland Gorillas, the Okapi, the Congo Peafowl, bongo, leopards among others. The park has over 800 lowland Gorillas. Game viewing can be as you go to the while with a safari guide in a safari vehicle to view these animals while resting of feeding in their habitants.

Bird watching

This is another amazing activity in the park by travelers who love birds. You go inside the forests to spend time listening to the bird sounds. Also, as well as seeing them by the use of binoculars and being guide by a bird guide. On your birding trip, you will have a chance to see hundreds of these bird species like the broadbills, pitas, sparrows, cormorants, herons, kingfisher, turacos and many others that can even be seen while on a game drive or nature walk.

On addition to that, sights and sound is also another activity done when having a birding tour or a nature walk in the forest as you listen to the whisper of the birds and the flow of water in the rivers

Nature walks

Nature walks are also in Maiko national park due to the presence of the hundreds of miles of walking and hiking trails within the national park. Here you can see a number of birds and wildlife including forest cover of the park as you walk through it. This can take you hours to explore abit of this eco-friendly forest and national park. As you are enjoying the nature walk, you will get the chance to walk towards the shores of rivers like River Oslo and river Lindi.

Best time to visit Maiko national park

Maiko national park is located in the Congo basin and it receives a lot of rainfalls. However, it also has some dry seasons that fever tourism activities in the national park. In that case, visitors are to travel there during the dry season. This is in late July & early September and also in Mid-December & late February. Also, when the roads are not slippery to enable smooth navigation and safe drives to and inside the national park.

Accommodation in Maiko national park

The accommodation facilities in Maiko national park range from high-end, to mid-range and budget as well.

Maiko national park is less developing to other parks in Congo. There are no accommodations in the park so tourists can bring their own camping gear and camp within designated areas or within the village communities

How to get to Maiko national park

You can fly via Rwanda and land at Kamembe International Airport in Rwanda and thereafter Cross to Congo Via Rusizi 1 Border. Then enter the greater Bukavu Town, where you can the connect to Maiko national park. To get to the park, you can only access it by road. This is from Bukavu town or half way between Bukavu at the Rwandan border, and Kisangani.

You use a tour operator like Pamoja Tours and Travel or go through a tour company to handle the entire trip. You are always to use a 4×4 vehicle. This is so you find it easy to move through the roads in and towards the park.

If you have plans of traveling to any East African country. This is for activities like mountain hiking, wildlife viewing, game viewing. Also for wildebeest migration viewing, cultural experience Gorilla tracking, lion tracking. As well as chimpanzee tracking, golden monkey tracking, volcanic exploration, heritage sites visits plus your bucket list. Consider




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