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Family Safaris









Family safaris are one of the best ways of spending the most quality time with your family, creating memories that will stay at heart forever. Are you young, old? Looking for adventure, Uganda being one of the few countries that provide the best family trips being that most of the country has been put into nature conservation and wild wife.

This will surely be the best experience for your family either for a short period or long term period, small or big family. Each day in Uganda will be an unforgettable adventure giving you a chance to teach and share more about the different experiences, culture and wild life. There are no restrictions on travelers with big families, children or toddlers however there are restrictions on certain activities for children. Note that these restrictions are for the safety of these children therefore we have designed different games that are especially for the children.

When is the best time to organize family safaris?

Uganda has two seasons; the wet season and the dry season, the wet season lasts from March to June where we experience a lot of rain however the place is less crowded and you may get such safaris at a lower price. This gives the tourist a lot of greener destinations and an opportunity for those who desire a more private and family safari for themselves.

The dry season goes from June to September and then December. Here wild life viewing is at its peak since it’s the best time for anyone to prepare a trip to Uganda. The fields are much drier, animals collect themselves near the rivers and the parks are very pleasant even at night.

Is it safe for the family to travel to Africa especially Uganda?

Planning for the family is the most crucial part and an important step when for a family trip. As long as you make your research and preparations, the most awarding trip is a family trip to Uganda. Therefore there is no need for anyone to worry since it is perfectly safe for the family. Before any activity, a family is briefed so everyone gets a chance to choose which activity is fit for them and on the other hand, a family can get to meet another family at the trip.

What to remember when preparing family safaris?

There are a couple of exciting activities to you should keep in mind before planning for a family trip. Some activities may be tiring to the children and elders however, there are a lot of activities for different age groups. Some activities like gorilla trekking and chimpanzee have an age limit of 15 years, volcano hikes and some lodges and hotels too have their age limitations because of different reasons therefore, planning for a family trip should be the most important part here.

Activities that have been designed for children with age limits

  • Wildlife viewing on a boat
  • Swimming
  • Building of sand castles
  • Taking nature walks in forests and game reserves
  • Hot balloon rides
  • Bird expedition
  • Relaxation at the beach, etc.

Safari vehicles are always readily available even for bigger families. Simply book your safari with Pamoja tours and travel and discover the magic of safari in connecting families.

Foods and snacks are available in all the lodges and hotels as you travel through the country. Drinks, fast foods and fruits, local foods are provided for all tourists. Watch and enjoy the local entertainment under the guidance of the guide. All the tourists can experience the best local entertainment like:

  • music and dance
  • learn how to play the local music instruments and games for example omweso

On a cultural ground get to see the untouched tribes of Uganda like the Batwa of western Uganda.

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