3 Days Serengeti national park flying safari

3 Days Serengeti national park

3 Days Serengeti national park flying safari

3 Days Serengeti national park flying safari is a thrilling adventure and also the world’s best national park. Serengeti national park flying safari tour clearly takes you deep into the heart of wildlife. Experience the best game viewing in the park with an eagle eye as you clearly jet in the Seronera airstrip.

Day 1: Arusha airport (Tanzania) to Serengeti national park for 3 Days Serengeti national park.
First and foremost, you will wake up early in the morning at your hotel for a healthy continental breakfast and also transfer to the airport. He will brief you about the 3 Days Serengeti national park safari before you check-in at the airport. The morning flight takes you directly from Arusha. to Seronera Airstrip in the heart of the park. Warm welcome with an aerial view of the park after just an hour of the flight. You enjoy a close view of the park as the flight descends down for landing.

Game drive in Seronera Area

Firstly, the Safari guide will transfer you to the lodge on arrival. In addition, you will check-in at the lodge and prepare for a late afternoon game drive. At this time, the game drive will be done in the seronera area where you will see; zebras, kobs, gazelles, wildebeest, elephants, baboons, giraffes, etc.

You will also see some cats such as hyenas, lions, leopards, cheetahs, Jackals, etc.  In addition to this, you will not miss seeing and hearing the beautiful birds in the open savannah.
You will return to the lodge for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 2 Full day Serengeti (Morning and evening game drives)
3 Days Serengeti national park starts early morning with a delicious breakfast after you also go for a game viewing drive along the Sogore River Circuit. The circuit clearly connects to the plains south of the Seronera River. You will clearly encounter all types of animals i.e Predators and prey etc

The park has various animal types and these include; leopards, Lions, Buffaloes, Elephants, Cheetahs, Thomson gazelle, topi, Zebras, Wildebeests, and also hippos, etc.

Bird species and Gift Shop.

On the 3 Days Serengeti national park safari, you will also see some of the bird species: Grey-breasted spurfowl, Rufous-tailed Weaver, Usambiro Barbet, Grey-Crested helmet-shrike, Grey-breasted spurfowl, Rufous-tailed weaver. In addition, the Visitor Centre close to the Serengeti Seronera Lodge and public campsites is well worth a visit after the morning’s game drive. The center offers some interesting wildlife craftwork, especially in the gift shop where leaflets and maps are sold. The center has a shop for cold drinks and also snacks, etc. Furthermore, the picnic area and information trail up and around a nearby kopje. We will enjoy a relaxed picnic lunch at the Centre in the shade of the giant acacia trees.

The Kopjes Circuit

In the afternoon 3 Days, Serengeti national park safari will follow the Kopjes Circuit, which goes anti-clockwise around the Maasai Kopjes, which usually attracts a number of lions and some formidably large cobras. Kopjes are weathered granite outcrops, scattered around the plains, most of which are miniature ecosystems, providing shade and drinking water in pools left in the rock after the rains. The kopjes are good for spotting wildlife in the dry seasons – including lions, which like to lie in wait for animals coming to drink!

Day 3 Departure.
At this time, the 3 Days Serengeti national park will end with a morning game drive as you exit Serengeti national park to the airport.  Additionally, Serengeti is among the parks in Africa that never disappoint with the largest population of wildlife. Furthermore, it hosts millions and thousands of animal species thus records indicate it as one of the parks with the highest population of big cats. 3 Days Serengeti national park flying safari, Serengeti Wildlife Safari Tour

You will be dropped at the airstrip at seronera for your flight back to Arusha

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