Kigali International Airport

Kigali International Airport

First of all, Kigali International Airport was formerly known as Kanomba Airport is Rwanda’s main Airport. It is in the Southeastern part of Kigali. Furthermore, it is about 10km from Rwanda capital city (Kigali), and about 5km from Kigali by expressway.

More to that, Kigali International Airport covers an area of about above sea level. Its 3500m runway accommodates all types of aircrafts and 2 heliports. Additionally, over 20 international and local flights operate at this airport on a daily basis.

Not only does this airport give a smooth, satisfying and a relaxing experience to passengers, but is also of great regional importance to the neighboring countries like Uganda, Burundi. More to that, it acts as a transit airport for Goma and Bukavu in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC).

A few years back, Kigali International Airport was ranked 7th among the best regional Airports in Africa for its safety standards and again ranked 2nd for meeting the ICAO Standards in Africa.

Kigali International Airport has got 3 terminals of which one is rated one of the highest terminals in the world among international Airports. In addition, the main terminals are for the VIP and can handle over 6 sized aircrafts. However, the 3rd one is a cargo terminal.

Facilities at Kigali International Airport

  • Akagera Aviation and Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority offices at the Airport. Therefore, in case of any need of any travel documentations, you will not have to suffer as the offices are at the Airport.
  • Transportation. Airport taxis are readily available for hire to transport you to your desired tourism destinations. But you can as well make arrangements with Pamoja Tours and Travel and we use our company safari vehicles. Please notify us before your travel date.
  • A Health Care center that is well equipped and with fully experienced staff.
  • Mobile charging ports in case your phone or pc runs out of battery before your departure time.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available at the Airport.
  • ATMs for cash transactions.
  • Duty free shops are readily available at the port.

Others include;

  • Coffee and snack shops with fantastic furnishing and air conditioning
  • Good air conditioned restaurants
  • Classy airport lounges
  • Accessible ample parking space
  • Classy Flight passenger waiting halls with good air conditions
  • Accessible check-in points (over 4 desks)
  • 2 escalators
  • 2 lifts (good for the vulnerable passengers and those that find hard time using escalators)


There are excellent hotels for those wishing to spend time near the Airport. For instance;

  • Olympic Hotel
  • Grand Legacy Hotel
  • Lebanon Hotel
  • Chez Lando Hotel
  • Martin Aviator Hotel.

Due to increasing passenger traffic at Kigali International Airport, there is a plan of setting up a new Airport at Bugesera. More to that, this is a 40km distance, south of Kigali city.

Pamoja Tours and Travel will be giving you all the news about its progress.

Also, for any inquiries about Kigali International Airport or booking a travel Trip with us, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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