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Covid-19 has put a devastating effect o the global economy and for many developing countries like east African countries, tourism sector seems to be the most affected sector. However, Pamoja tours and Travel Company’s reliance on booking your safaris with our new provisions like postponing your safari to another date. Our company generalizes in organizing trips around east African countries; Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

We have drafted quite a few terms and conditions which will apply while signing your contract with us. In these changing circumstances, we are far from providing the best services in this terminal pandemic with the changing world for cases of safety, medical facilities and security given the fact that most of the East African countries are still third world countries hence the standards of the services given here are not the same as those of your countries. Note that we are under laws and regulations of the country in which services that apply to your holiday arrangements are given.

This information and opinions have been considered to ensure validity of information given concerning the national parks, itineraries, accommodation, gorilla permits, and security are drafted based on the current situations and the latest information provided to us. We cannot take any responsibility concerning the errors or exclusions beyond our control.

We reserve the best accommodation that is decently priced with good services and value, hot water and with private bath. These mid-range facilities’ prices are based on your request especially for single travelers; we do our best to arrange shared accommodation i.e. two persons sharing a double or twin-bedded room.

By us
We reserve all the rights to cancel confirmed booking without prior notice in case the holiday might be a possible cause of danger, annoyance, destruction of property however, we shall not cancel your booking in less than 60 days before departure unless we are forced to do so as a result of some unusual and unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

There is an alternative of choosing a similar holiday with the same standards as the previously purchased holiday in case we cancel your holiday as a result of failed payment or force majeure. We will refund any difference in case the previously purchased holiday was expensive that the one purchase and incase the previously purchased holiday was cheap, you will be asked to pay for the difference. You will be refunded all monies which you are entitled for except for the gorilla permit monies which can only be refunded only when the permits have been made available to us.

By you
Your cancellation is not effective unless it is put into writing, therefore, in case you have been forced to cancel your trip, put it into writing. Cancellation received will be a subject to different costs covering the estimated losses from your tour cost.
• 101 days and above 30%
• 61-100 days 40%
• 46-60 days 60%
• 16-45 days 90%
• 0-15 days 100%

We are not accountable for any extraordinary event or circumstances which we/you could not even with due care avoid like war, riots, civil unrests, war threats, border closure, unexpected government acts, terrorist activities, extreme weather conditions, industrial unrests, fires, road closures, epidemics, quarantines, pilferage, land and air travel, dangers at sea, death, personal injury, property damage or another loss that may occur that we have no control over, we cannot pay any compensation or accept liability.

We have all the rights to revise dollar prices for United States without notice in case there is any changes in tariff rates before receiving any deposit from you. We can also withdraw from any tour or any part desirable or any member at any time. We can also pass on any expenditures or losses caused by delays or events beyond our control.

There are a number of optional activities available for some places you visit which may have some inherit risk of causing injury to you like; mountaineering, walking safaris, balloon tours, chimpanzee tracking, gorilla tracking, canoe, boat and white water rafting trips. There isn’t any personal safety guaranteed and therefore, participation in such activities is at your own risk.

Major complaints can be reported to the safari manager through writing to us about the incident which will be investigated fully however, some liabilities that are not notified cannot be accepted. In case you have a complaint about the services, report these immediately to that particular supplier of the service or to our representative who will solve this immediately.

Before taking any holiday, the first thing you need is insurance for the type of holiday taken; this should cover personal injury, death, medical, repatriation in the event of accident, illness or death, damage, theft of client’s property. As advised in the majeure section, activities with higher risks of injury like canoeing, mountaineering should be covered.

We are unable to accept liabilities in case the permits have been purchased and yet there are certain conditions that have made it impossible to see the gorillas like local conditions which may deny access on short notice, security threats, closure or national parks or absence of the gorillas. The gorilla permits and chimpanzee permits are therefore not refundable because refunds are at a discretion of the relevant authority. You can reschedule your tour as long as it is communicated 30 days before the date but note that the chances of seeing the gorillas are at 98%. In case we are able to obtain the refund from the relevant authority, it shall be sent back to you as soon as possible.

Our company is incorporated under the republic of Uganda and we therefore operate under its laws.

• We shall take all the possible measures to ensure that;
• All the holiday parts as described by our tour agent are fully provided
• We and our team carry out our duties and obligations under the contract, this includes the agents, employees, suppliers and subcontractors. We take all responsibilities for what our team members have done when they were carrying out our authorized work. We shall therefore provide a compensation in case any part of your holiday is not provided as agreed in the contract and that you have followed the complaints procedure in the terms and conditions. Our maximum liability in respect of the complaints is limited to the cost paid for the relevant services except where death, illness, personal injury, damage or loss of property is involved. The client is expected to attain an insurance cover for everything including property therefore, our maximum compensation for personal belongings is US30$.

We will take all the possible measures to ensure that we prevent all unfortunate incidences like death, injury or illness caused by the visited wildlife however, it is also your duty to make sure that you take all the possible precautions in this. We accept responsibility in case the client suffers death, personal injury or illness as a result of negligence from any of our staff.

We will however not be reliable incase; the acts of the third party are not connected in any way to the holiday in the contract which were unavoidable.

An even in which we or the supplier must have not avoided even with the due care.

We assume no liability at all concerning he medical care or special dietary requirements. The client is expected to be in a proper medical condition fit to perform any of these activities on the holiday. By paying for your tour, you are fit enough to take part in any of the activities without getting harm or harming any other traveler. Some activities require physical strength like trekking, tracking, canoeing, mountaineering etc. which implies that it is essential that any of the travelers with any medical condition gets medical checkup and treatment. Those with conditions which require medical treatment on a daily basis are asked to inform us in advance for there are plenty of energetic activities, heat, high altitudes, cold and other natural phenomenal which may affect your health.

We reserve the right to demand payment for your trip 30 days before your trip. This can be fully paid a 60% deposit in the time of booking to confirm acceptance of our terms and conditions. The balance can be paid either at the beginning of your safari or before your departure.

For commercial purposes, we reserve all the rights to take photographic images of the travelers however, if you wish not to appear in any of the photography taken, you can identify your self earlier at the beginning of the safari.

On booking, the price of your holiday shall be confirmed then, here you can clarify and correct errors of the quotation given with details about the client’s number, accommodation, clear dates, park fees, transportation, permit and other services required. We reserve the rights to correct errors in the advertised and confirmed prices of your trip incase incorrect figures were given.

We ensure that our vehicles are fully serviced and are in proper conditions, experienced drivers with location knowledge and that every person gets to sit on the window of the vehicle.in any case where guides do not follow protocol which they are trained to follow and our code of conduct for the guides, please inform us. All liabilities for any damages on the vehicle following your interference are all on you including legal costs.

The company reserves the rights to change any safari services agreed on in case there is any unavoidable circumstance like road closure, bad weather, etc. I such cases, new arrangements can be made as he circumstances permit. Prices include; airport transfers, accommodation, transportation in a 4×4 vehicle and an English speaking guide. Others like park fees, portage fees, gorilla and chimpanzee permits, and boat trips.

My advancement of a deposit to Pamoja tours and travel company certifies that I have carefully read and fully understood the terms and conditions, and on this deposit, the depositor, his or her family and heirs agree to be bound by the above terms and conditions.

Following the president’s address of 18th June 2021, President Yoweri Museveni re-imposed another 42days lock down following the earlier lock down of 42 days of 6th June 2021 where he suspended all cross-boundary district and inter district movement of public transport and private vehicles except those that are operated by essential workers were allowed to travel. This travel ban excludes the tourists and the tourism sector implying that we (as a country and Pamoja tours and travel company) can still run own day to day activities normally however, there are a number of guidelines all domestic and international tourists will be required to adhere to:
• All tourist vehicles must be licensed by the ministry of works and transport attached to tourism companies registered and licensed by the Uganda tourism board.
• All tourists’ guides accompanying tourists must carry their identification.
• All tourists are encouraged to carry their detailed travel itineraries especially when you are to cross inter district routes.
• Tourists are encouraged to carry proof of payment for accommodation and tourist activity fees such as national park entrance fees and permits where applicable.
• Covid-19 SOPs must be adhered to in tourist vehicles with attention to social distancing, wearing masks and sanitizing.

On arrival, all visitors are supposed to present a covid-19 test take with in the last 120 hours for those who are fully vaccinated however, tourists partially vaccinated are to undergo a mandatory Covid 19 test of just US65$ and are expected to wait for 4 hours for their covid-19 results.

With the rising number of Covid patients especially within the urban centers of Uganda, there have been measures put in place to curb the spread of Covid 19, COVID 19 SOPs are enforced and the tourist areas are very far away from the urban centers. We guarantee that booking your dream trip with Pamoja tours and travel is be worry- free since you are the priority. Our staff is well trained and informed about the Covid 19 pandemic and they ensure that strict Covid 19 SOPs are followed.

We guarantee that if you reschedule your trip or credit note for at least one year, your reservations are completely safe with us. You should communicate about your change in reservations for at least 30 days before the due date of your original booking. There are no fees to charge on rescheduled trips so you can move your holiday to any date of your choice

In case of cancellation of booking, our terms and conditions on cancellation of trips will apply here concerning the refund policy about the time of cancellation and different fees that cancellation is subjected to.

We have made friends in the sector of health to ensure that you are health, we will require you to test before leaving the country for Covid 19 and this is done while on the safari to ease the procedure for you by our trusted medical partners at a very friendly cost. This is the same case on your arrival, we require you to present a negative Covid 19 test with samples that were taken 120 hours from the time the samples were taken.

Note that Covid 19 vaccinated visitors are required to present a negative Covid 19 certificate.

There are different Covid 19 SOPs and measures that were put in place and therefore, as long as you observe them, you have no restrictions of accessing the tourist sites and lodges.

At the tourist sites
• Hand sanitizing regularly
• Mandatory wearing a face mask at all times
• Keep 10 meters away from the animals to avoid any possible infection of the animals
• Do not feed the animals at any point
• No sedans are operating at this point
• No overcrowding vehicles in the park

In the lodges
• Any form of body contact must be avoided like hugging, handshaking or kissing
• Mandatory wearing of face masks in the public places
• Maintain at least 1 meter distance from the staff and other guests
• No overcrowding the public areas at the lodge.

For more information or questions about Covid 19 updates, booking or rescheduling your trip, please get in touch with Pamoja tours and travel company for details and exclusiveness.

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