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About Us:

Pamoja Tours and Travel is a locally owned safari company that was founded by Sperito Mukiibi who is a former wildlife hunter from the Sperito Family.

Our History

To know more About Us-Pamoja Tours and Travel, In the early 70s to late 90s, the Sperito family was a great hunting family in Kagaba District of Wakiso division. The Family farmland, as well as forests, were an habitant to many wildlife i.e bush back, Ugandan Kob, Giant rat, impalas, topis, leopards, etc. “As a teenager, school holiday meant hunting moments”.

Education background

In early 2001, Sperito joined Banunule school in Kisugu a suburb of Kampala where he was taught by Volunteers, from Scotland, England, the United Kingdom, France, etc. During school holidays, these volunteers would go on the safari to see wildlife game in its natural habitat and Sperito would unite with The Sperito Family and go hunting in search for animal products like Meat, Hides/fur, Borns, Horns, and also in rear cases was to chase away leopards that had established territories next to the farm where cows, goats, sheep, chicken were prey.

The people who inspired us

The school volunteers inspired Sperito by sharing Wildlife safari memories through photos and videos and this was mind-blowing to the younger hunter. “In my life, I never knew that animals had a habitat where they can leave freely from hunters and I was so fascinated to visit these places”.

My first experience on my Uganda safari

In 2003, I visited Murchison National falls Park with Uncle Francis who was a part-time freelance Wildlife Photographer and videographer.  It was so thrilling and interesting amazing as for the first time I came so close to Ugandan kobs about 10 meters and something so unusual, the kob never flee for its life like the ones back in the farmland in the village rather kept sharp eye contact with us and Uncle Francis Photos and videos made me have a paradigm shift about Wildlife Game. 

From the Wildlife Safari to Murchison Falls National Park, i was so angry with Uncle Sperito as our village home was a center for hunters in Kagaba Village which had claimed many wildlife lives. Ironically, I forgot about the leopards and my focus was on antelopes alone”

Pamoja Tours and Travel and its registration

On the 5th.July.2013 almost one year before Sperito Mukiibi’s graduation from University, Pamoja Tours and Travel got registration as a preferred safari company. It was a safari company that organizes affordable African safari in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar and Congo. This was to all people of diverse cultures and backgrounds to protect and also conserve wildlife for generations as we go discovering the beauty of nature.

Pamoja Tours and Travel, later on, gave birth to the Pamoja Health Initiative. This is an organ through which Pamoja Tours and Travel extends its 5% of profit to bridging health gaps among communities that live in and around the national park. Every safari booked with us is an opportunity to bridge health gaps that have changed the perception of many former Wildlife poachers into Wildlife conservation agents.

Why Choose Pamoja Tours and Travel limited?

5% of the profits go to charity. About us-Pamoja Tours and Travel gives back to the community through its 5% share of the profits to outstanding vulnerable and marginalized people in an organized association, NGOs, etc.

Reliability and trustworthiness. Pamoja Tours and Travel has trustworthy and reliable Tour guides who work together with you to deliver quality services.

Comfortable and also safe mileage. Pamoja Tours and Travel aims at providing the most comfortable safe mileage to its clients so as to meet their satisfaction.

Hospitable employees with broader knowledge about Uganda. Meet our hospitable guides all determined to make it to your travel destination. The guides are also fluent English speakers.

Affordable quality services. Pamoja Tours and Travel exists to offer pocket-friendly safari packages which are of good quality to suit your taste and preference.

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