Amboseli National Park


Covering a total area of 392 square kilometers, Amboseli National Park lies in the north-west of Mount Kilimanjaro just on the border with Tanzania. It forms part of the much larger 3000 square kilometers of the Amboseli ecosystem.

Zebras in Amboseli National Park

About the park

Amboseli has six communally owned group ranches in its surroundings. During the dry season, large concentrations of Wildlife move within the Park boundaries making it one of the most popular protected areas for Wildlife encounters in Kenya.

Moreover, Amboseli is composed of five main Wildlife habitats that include Acacia woodland, rocky thorn bush, swamps, and marshland along with open plains.

Of all highlights, Amboseli National Park is famous for its big game and scenic beauty with a backdrop of the towering Mountain Kilimanjaro.

The Park’s lush habitats are home to over 80 different mammals varying from the tiny spectacled elephant shrew to the huge numbers of African elephants. 400 species of birds add to the attractions.

Other than Wildlife, tourists visit the Park for Mount Kilimanjaro hiking adventures. From the top of the mountain, you won’t stop admiring the scenic views of swamps, rolling hills and wild animals grazing such as elephants, buffaloes, zebras to name but a few.

How to access the park

You can easily get to Amboseli by road or air transport means. The main road into the park is along Nairobi – Arusha road via Meshanani gate. This road up to Namanga is a tarmac one, then from Namanga up to Meshanani gate it is murram, so just expect a fairly smooth journey.

The entire journey is about 75km. If not that option, you can use Nairobi – Mombasa road via Emaili. This 228km route is a tarmac one up to Emali, then from Emali up to Remito gate it is murram.

If long distance drives are not your thing, then you will go by air. Amboseli has an airstrip at Empusel gate. Other airstrips to use are at Namanga town and Kilimanjaro Buffalo Lodge.

What to do in Amboseli

Wildlife Viewing

For best views of Kenya’s Wildlife, don’t hesitate to visit Amboseli National Park. This park offers panoramic views of Wild animals that roam in the vast vegetation and numerous swamps that occupy the Park. Some of the common animals are the African big fives, Zebras and bird species like peacocks.

Nature photography

If Wildlife viewing isn’t appealing, Amboseli is also famous for Nature photography. The park’s beautiful scene with a backdrop of ice-capped Mount Kilimanjaro (the highest mountain in Africa) makes for a stunning venue you shouldn’t miss for pretty photoshoots.

Remember to pack a good quality camera and back up storage cards to avoid inconveniences during your shoot outs.

To have the best of nature photography encounters in Amboseli, it is better you camp in the Wild, hear the roars of lions and cheetahs hunting in the bush.

A cultural visit to the local villages

Amboseli has numerous communities in its surroundings that consist of unique ethnic groups in East Africa. Therefore, if you love the culture, this park is your best bet. This cultural tour offered includes a visit to the Maasai community, an area known for its interesting traditional culture. The Maasai people’s cultural dances and unique dressing styles are very impressive to the tourists.

Game Drives

There is no better way to appreciate the Park’s panorama than Game drives. A range of Wild animals, a unique formation of nature that is covered by dust from recurrent winds, and picturesque rocks are all for you. Game drives are offered in 4×4 Safari jeeps and views from a pop-up roof of the vehicle are inspirational. This excursion also rewards engaging views of Sunrise or set in exceptional hues of color.

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