How to Book a Gorilla Habituation Experience Permit

How to Book a Gorilla Habituation Experience Permit. Uganda is the only country which habituates wild mountain gorillas in a way that they can be in the presence of humans for more than 1 hour. Gorilla habituation experience is in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Southwestern Uganda and only two gorilla families are undergoing habituating in between Rushaga and Nkuringo regions. Pamoja Tours and Travel helps you to get information and guidelines required to book a gorilla habituation experience in Bwindi.

Gorilla habituation experience treks and permit.

There are currently two gorilla families in Bwindi. You can visit every day but a maximum of four visitors. 8 permits are available every day for gorilla habituation experience. Also, four hours is given to the visitors for observation, videography, photography and asking questions. A gorilla habituation experience permit costs USD 1500.00 per person per experience but it’s worth it as you spend more time with the friendly apes.

Booking the permit

Booking a gorilla habituation experience is as easy as booking a gorilla permit. All that you require is finding out the location, availability and price and the best time to do this wonderful experience. Pamoja Tours and Travel checks availability advises you and give you more details regarding your tour while in the jungle.

We hold your permits for seven working days with the Uganda Wildlife Authority as you get done with the payments for the permits. After the booking, we will send you the scanned copies of the receipts for your records. All these are done to clients who book a gorilla habituation experience including transport, accommodation, and driver guide as well as park entrance fee.


Things to note when booking a gorilla habituation experience trek.

Gorilla habituation experience is only in the southern part of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. It is also a little expensive but worth it. A gorilla habituation experience costs USD 1500.00 for none foreign residents. USD 100.00 for foreign residents residing in Uganda and 750,000 Uganda shillings for East African Citizens. The permit gives you up to four hours with the apes. Also, this is under the guidance of experts and guides.

The four hours is actually better than the normal one hour gorilla trekking that costs USD 700.00. In a way that if one is to pay for a normal trekking permit to see the apes for four hours, it would be more expensive than buying a gorilla habituation experience permit. One will have to pay USD 2800.00 for a four hour experience. Therefore it’s relatively cheaper to book a gorilla habituation experience at USD 1500.00.

How to Book a Gorilla Habituation Experience Permit

Gorilla habituation experience requires only 4 visitors per person per experience. There are only 2 available gorilla families undergoing habituation midway of Rushaga and Nkuringo. So, only 8 people are  to do gorilla habituation per day in the park.  The experience starts at 6:30 am rather than the 8:30am for the normal gorilla trekking. And for this reason, we advise our clients to book accommodation. This is within Rushaga or Nkuringo so as to catch up with the experience.


The time taken to drive from Entebbe Airport to Bwindi is about 9-10 hours. However, you can also book a charter flight from Entebbe to Kisoro Airport. Then drive 2 hours to the lodge in the southern part of the park. Pamoja Tours and Travel organizes affordable safaris that favor  your interest in the jungle. For more details, please call or send us an email.

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