Pamoja Tours and Travel offers the ultimate Gorilla trekking and Wildlife African Safaris.

From the dense, dark forest home of Mountain Gorilla in Uganda the Pearl of Africa to Rwanda the land of a thousand Hills. Both countries meet with DR.Congo in the intersection of the Virunga region. This intersection is the epitome of Magical gorilla trekking experience as Mgahinga Gorilla national park is for Uganda, Volcanoes for Rwanda national park is for Rwanda and Virunga National park for DR. Congo.

Up grade gorilla trekking with fly-in safari to Serengeti national park in Tanzania and Masai-mara game reserve in Kenya and experience Wildebeest migration with a spectacular view of River mara which is home to the lethal Nile crocodiles.

Hiking Mountain Nyiragongo is a thrilling and adventurous experience as it is the world’s largest Lava Lakes.

Delete the bucket list of dreams off by hiking to the scenic high summit under the guidance of certified hiking guides using the best-in-class records of safety and premium gear as you conquer highest summits of the snow-capped mountain Rwenzori in Uganda, Mountain Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Mountain Kenya in Kenya. Read More



A number of 10 national parks and game reserves putting Uganda on the market are rich in different wild species. These national parks are distributed indifferent parts of the country with Murchison falls as the biggest and Semuliki national park as the smallest. ... Read More


There are a number of places that gives a thrill of pleasure to the tourist in Congo. These range from rives, lake to mountains some of which are scary but very attractive like the Congo River and Kinshasa a city on the banks of Congo river. ... Read More


Tanzania is a land of attractions which has 38% of its land set aside for the wildlife conservation and parks. The tourism sector in Tanzania is growing rapidly because the country focused on the tourism sector once more. ... Read More


Out of the 8 volcanoes in the whole of Africa, Rwanda hosts 5 of them. These beautiful virunga volcanoes are very stunning in the eyes of every adventurous person. No traveler leaves Rwanda without at least a glance at these volcanoes. ... Read More


The most significant tourism attractions in Kenya is the wildlife which can be seen on safaris, there is also beautiful landscapes with natural vegetation which are diverse in nature that is to say, Kenya is full of mountains, rivers and bordered by the ocean which gives Kenya beautiful beaches with white sand. ... Read More


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