Akagera National Park

Akagera National ParkThe Akagera National Park is located in the Eastern part of Rwanda along the Tanzania border. It is a protected park covering over 433sq.miles.

The Park was named Akagera because of the Akagera River which flows along the Eastern boundary pouring its water into Lake Ihema and several other small lakes. This park comprises savannah and swamp habitats. Almost a third of this park is lakes and linking papyrus swamps which makes it the largest protected wetland in East-Central Africa.

The Park was a great habitat for many animals including the black rhinos which were introduced from Tanzania, Masai giraffes which were also introduced from Kenya in 1986, with over 300 lions, and also a large population of African wild dogs. However, these dogs later diminished by a disease pandemic in 1984.

The outbreak of 1994 Rwanda Genocide was also a great blow to the Akagera National Park as its known large diversity perished. All the entire animal population in this park was killed for settlement by the Rwanda returnees that had fled to the neighboring countries because of the Genocide.

The Akagera National Park became history but luckily, in 2009, The Rwanda Development Board together with the African Parks Network entered into an Agreement for joint management of this Park where security was increased and locally extinct animal species were reintroduced in the Park.

The construction of the Western boundary fence which measures about 120km (74.6miles) was implemented for more tight security of the park. An air surveillance helicopter was deployed, training of an expert rhino tracking was also introduced. A protection team and canine anti-poaching unit were deployed all in the favor of the park.

The park re-existed more as 7 lions were introduced and released into the park from South Africa and these became the first lions in Rwanda since the 1994 Rwanda Genocide. But as you read this now, the park now has over 40 lions and still multiplying.

Five more lions were introduced in the park. These were donated from Phinda Private Game Reserve. Tembe Elephant Park in KwaZulu-Natal also donated 2 male lions.

In 2019, Akagera National Park furthermore received 5 eastern black Rhinoceros from 3 different zoos. These were the Dvurkravole zoo from the Czech Republic, Flamingo Land from the UK, and the Ree Park Safari from Denmark.

Currently, Akagera National Park is now a complete home for the big 5 animals as far as wildlife is concerned (African Leopard, African bush elephants, Rhinoceros, African buffaloes, and the lions) Akagera National Park is now a fully Tourism site which every tourist would wish to visit before and after leaving Rwanda.

Activities in Akagera National Park

How to reach Akagera National Park

Going to the park is very easy. Fly to Kigali International Airport and Akagera Aviation is readily available with flights from and to the Park.

Safari vehicles are also available and it’s only a 3hour drive from Kigali city to the Park.

When to visit Akagera National Park?

East Africa has got the most favorable weather conditions. Both the dry and wet yearly seasons are moderate in Rwanda. Therefore traveling to the park can be done at any time of the year.

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