Why Visit Rwanda?

Why Visit Rwanda?











Why Visit Rwanda? | Rwanda is a landlocked country with just a 12.6m population living on 26.338 sq. km. The languages spoken are English, French and Kinyarwanda. More to that, she is neighbored by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo. Furthermore, Rwanda’s geographical phenomenon is mainly dominated by mountains in the west, savanna in the East with numerous lakes. All this and more gives you tremendous reasons to Rwanda.

Beautiful scenery.

Rwanda was termed as the “Land of a thousand hills” because of her scenically stunning landscape. Out of the 8 volcanoes in the whole of Africa, Rwanda hosts 5 of them. These beautiful virunga volcanoes are very stunning in the eyes of every adventurous person. No traveler leaves Rwanda without at least a glance at these amazing volcanoes. The green landscape Rwanda has throughout the year forces you to come and visit. This small country undoubtedly has the best scenery in Africa.

Memorable wildlife

The conservation of wildlife in Africa started in Rwanda with Volcanoe National Park in Ruhengeri as her oldest park and this is a clear proof of how much to expect and see in Rwanda. Akagera National park being her biggest National Park harboring all the big 5 game animals. Grab yourself a chance to have a glance at the African black Rhinos and more flora and fauna. Akagera National Park is a great place for game viewing. Here, you will enjoy Helicopter Tours by the Akagera Aviation which is available for more thrilling experience.

Mountain Gorillas

The largest portion of the mountain gorillas in the world is found in Rwanda. Here you will be on advantage of tracking gorillas even on the very day you arrive in Rwanda. Trust me, no adventurous visitor would love to finish one’s Trip without tracking these amazing mountain gorillas which are easily spotted because of their large number in Rwanda’s National Parks.

Genocide Memorial

The heart touching 1994 memorial genocide in Rwanda made the Rwandan Government to put up a museum in Gisozi in order to preserve the memory of this moment in the history of Rwanda. Thousands of families in Rwanda lost their lives which was and still a shock to Rwanda and East Africa at large. A mere reaching to this burial site won’t leave you the same, you will definitely go emotional as you look at some of the preserved bodies of the victims. You will go through the detailed history of this tremendous outbreak.

Kigali capital city

Rwanda is one of the countries with the most developed cities in the world. Kigali being one of the cleanest cities in Africa, has as well had a big and a rapid rebuilding regardless of its 1994 genocide. The city has got up to standard facilities like roads which will give easy access to your tourism destination sites. The health facilities are just wow and therefore no need to worry about your health in case of any heath emergency on your safari.


Chimpanzee tracking one of our clients’ favorite safari activities and trust me, you will have a sight of many of them in Rwanda’s Nyungwe forest. Please always feel free to take as many photos as you wish for a memorable experience.

Favorable weather

The weather conditions in Rwanda are forever moderate. Travelling to Rwanda can be done at any time of the year. Rwanda has experiences 2 dry seasons and 2 rainy seasons in a year and none of these seasons stop you from traveling to Rwanda as they are so moderate.

Rwandan culture

Grab yourself a chance to see and experience Rwanda’s beautiful culture. The norms and customs in Rwanda are just amazing. The cultural dance won’t allow your face to wear a gloomy face, instead it will leave you smiling thought your safari.

Cheap flights

Rwanda has got a national airline (Rwanda Airline) which makes it easier for travelers to come to Rwanda at a cheaper cost. She has got direct flights to many countries like London, Britain and many other countries.

Beautiful Accommodation

Come have a rest in Rwanda’s well facilitated and comfortable hotels like the Retreat Hotel, Radisson blu hotel, Kigali Marriot Hotel, Kigali Serena Hotel, 5to 5 Hotel and many more.

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