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Our main assets are our professional bird guides and our professional drivers as well. By keeping the total number of leaders to just few, we are able to maintain a house life – relaxed but professional , experienced in birding and tour management, but most importantly, ensuring the holiday in a fun experience for all. Our regular clients know that the style of holiday will be quite similar, irrespective of who is guiding them. It should also be mentioned that your leader will always be in a close hotel to cope with any little emergencies, 24 hours a day.


Whilst our prices are competitive in comparison to other bird tour companies, at first glance you may consider them expensive a conventional package holiday. However the prices we quote are fully inclusive, with no hidden extras. There are absolutely no extra charges for participating in all the holiday activities.

We realize that a good hotel is just as important as good bird-watching. The best bird-watching in the world can be spoilt by run-down hotels, inedible food or noisy music in the middle of the night. That is why we carefully select every hotel, not only to be close to the best bird-watching sites, but also to be of the high standard that our regular customers have come to expect. Given the choice, we use locally owned hotels, to increase the benefit of Eco-tourism to local communities.


We usually use Toyota Land cruisers, mini-buses or Land-rovers all 4X4WD to travel around in. Quality is the watchword and we use well maintained vehicles capable for our rough roads. Usually a tour has a professional bird guide and the driver to allow maximum flexibility.


We know that the smaller the group the more each individual gets out of the holiday. We have given a specific maximum group size to each tour to six participants. Tours which involve a lot of forest birding will have a smaller maximum than tours for wildlife and nature lovers.


The key to a successful holiday is a carefully planned itinerary giving the right balance between time in the field, time spent travelling, free time and sightseeing. Furthermore, we believe that holidays are about having a good time in a friendly company, and in a relaxed atmosphere. A lot of satisfaction can be had from pushing oneself to the limits of one’s physical ability. However that’s not what our holidays are about. Some companies take their clients ‘twitching’ from dawn till dusk and simply ignore all non-bird’distractions’. Others believe that the most important factor in deciding where to bird-watch is the provision of a coffee shop and having rolled up at 10am they stop for elevenses. There is of-course a wide range in-between these extremes and it is always important before booking a holiday that you know exactly how it will be run.

We believe that we have got the balance of our holidays just right, listening to the comments and suggestions of our clients.The emphasis through out the holidays is on birds but not ignoring wildlife and when the opportunity presents itself the leader will accompany you to a local place of interest. The key to it all is flexibility and our leaders have great experience in judging what each group wants. Pre-breakfast bird-watching is normally low key and optional. However, we usually take breakfast quite early so that everyone is out in the field whilst the birds are still at their peak of activity. Packed lunches or picnics are generally the order of the day as they have the advantage of convenience and can be enjoyed outside in beautiful scenery.

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