Best Time for Booking Gorilla Trekking Permits for a Uganda gorilla Safari

Unveiling the Optimal Best Time for Booking Gorilla Trekking Permits for a Uganda gorilla Safari. Embarking on a gorilla trekking adventure in Uganda is a dream for many wildlife enthusiasts. To make this dream a reality, securing gorilla trekking permits is a crucial step. This comprehensive guide sheds light on the best time to book gorilla trekking permits in Uganda, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience with these majestic creatures.

Best Time for Booking Gorilla Trekking Permits for a Uganda gorilla Safari
Best Time for Booking Gorilla Trekking Permits for a Uganda gorilla Safari

Understanding Gorilla Trekking Seasons

Uganda experiences two main gorilla trekking seasons: the dry season and the wet season. The dry season, spanning from June to September and December to February, is characterized by less rainfall, making trekking conditions more favorable. The wet season, from March to May and October to November, sees heavier rainfall, resulting in more challenging trekking conditions.

Best Time to Book Gorilla Trekking Permits

Dry Season Advantage:

Booking during the dry season is recommended for those seeking optimal trekking conditions. The months of June to September and December to February offer drier trails and clearer paths, enhancing the overall trekking experience.

High Demand Periods:

The dry season, especially the months of June to September, is considered a peak tourist season. During this time, demand for gorilla trekking permits is high, and it’s advisable to book well in advance to secure permits for your preferred dates.

Shoulder Seasons:

Consider the shoulder seasons, which fall between the peak and low seasons. The months of March to May and October to November witness fewer tourists, and there may be more flexibility in obtaining permits. However, trekking conditions may be more challenging due to increased rainfall.

Low Season Opportunities:

The low season, characterized by heavy rainfall, occurs from March to May and October to November. While trekking conditions may be more challenging, some lodges and tour operators may offer discounted rates on permits and accommodations. Booking during this period can be advantageous for budget-conscious travelers.

Advance Booking Recommendations:

Regardless of the season, it is advisable to book gorilla trekking permits well in advance. Permits are limited, and securing them early ensures availability for your desired dates.

Factors Influencing Permit Availability

Limited Permits Daily:

Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) limits the number of gorilla trekking permits issued each day to minimize the impact on the gorilla habitats. With only a limited number of permits available, early booking is essential.

High Demand Periods:

Peak tourist seasons, such as June to September, witness a surge in demand for permits. Competing with other travelers for limited permits during these periods highlights the importance of booking in advance.


Booking gorilla trekking permits in Uganda is a pivotal step in ensuring a successful and enriching wildlife experience. By considering the season, demand periods, and booking well in advance, travelers can secure permits for their preferred dates and immerse themselves in the extraordinary world of mountain gorillas.

Embark on your gorilla trekking adventure, and may the lush landscapes of Uganda unfold before you as you encounter these incredible creatures in their natural habitat.

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