Generally speaking, there are a few Budget Accommodation in Tarangire National Park options for places to stay in, however because of its location, budget travelers can opt to spend a night in Arusha town or within Karatu in facilities such as Mc-Elly’s hotel, planet lodge or Mrimba Palm Hotel in Arusha and the Country Lodge found in Karatu. Nonetheless tourist on a very limited budget can always opt to camp at the campsite found within the Park.

Whistling Thorn Tented Camp

This is the only budget accommodation facility found in the Tarangire region. It offers 6 canvas permanent tents that are grass thatch and spacious. These accommodate a maximum of 15 people each night. There is a communal dining area where guests can enjoy their meals.

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Whistling Thorn Camp is established in a standard African thorn-tree bush. This is within the Great Rift Valley with beautiful views of the great Escarpment. It is found within a private concession which is next to boundary of Tarangire National Park, and this actually makes it a perfect place for game viewing. It is managed by Masai locals, and offers a legitimate African feel which will certainly reward you with an unforgettable experience.

Game Viewing and other Activities to enjoy at Whistling Thorn Tented Camp 

This camp is as sociated with the local Maasai community whose colourful and energetic songs and dances are incorporated into camp life. Welcoming performances encourage a lively evening spirit, while days are filled with enthralling lessons in the Tanzanian bushveld. There are bush walks, night drives and village visits available. At night, guests can hear the whooping calls of hyenas in the distance, while the dominant male lions get vocal in the dark, sending their heart-stopping roars into the night. Being ‘off the beaten track’, the camp camouflages nicely into the natural surroundings allowing antelope and zebra, elephants and predators to move freely around the area. Maasai warriors are on guard ensuring guest safety, while the wild experience is a guarantee to amaze visitors.

Whistling Thorn Tented Camp Description

The camp accommodates up to 20 guests in spacious, canvas tents under grass-thatched ramadas, giving them an aesthetically pleasing look. Each tent, with either two single beds or one king-sized bed has shelving, a writing desk and an ensuite bathroom with flush toilet and luxurious hot showers.

The hot water is available whenever you request and they bring to guests’ tents in buckets – a very rustic approach that works splendidly. A shaded veranda with chairs, table and washbasins overlooks flat-topped acacia tree plains where giraffe, zebra and elephant come to graze.

The chef prepares a three and four-course meals, beginning with freshly baked breads and warming soups, followed by fresh local  vegetables, salads and meats, finishing up with decadent desserts.

This Amazing camp offers a wide selection of dishes prepared by their experienced chef. There is also a great assortment of drinks. These include beers, wines, spirits as well as various soft drinks to enjoy here.


Game viewing plus other safari Activities at Whistling Thorn Tented Camp 

The local Maasai residents own this camp. They have vibrant and lively songs as well as dances are part of camp life. There are Welcoming performances.

They inspire a lively evening mood, while the days are full of fascinating lessons within the Tanzanian bush field. They also have bush walks, thrilling night drives as well as village visits here. At night, visitors can listen to the amazing far away laughs of hyenas.

The superior male lions become noisy at night. They send their intimidating roars in to the night. Because this camp is located off the beaten track, it camouflages well into the all-natural surroundings.

This enables antelopes plus zebra, elephants as well as other predators to freely move across this area. There are Maasai warriors always on guard to ensure that guest are safe. Also they enable the guests to enjoy this wild experience.

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