Rwenzori Mountains Climbing Routes

Rwenzori mountains climbing routes

 There are three main Rwenzori mountains climbing routes: the first and oldest Central Circuit trail that starts from Mihunga gate, the Kilembe Trail and the Bukurungu wilderness camping trail.

The Rwenzori mountains range is about 120 kilometres (75 mi) long and 65 kilometres (40 mi) wide. It consists of six massifs separated by deep gorges: Mount Stanley (5,109 metres (16,762 ft)), Mount Speke (4,890 metres (16,040 ft)), Mount Baker (4,843 metres (15,889 ft)), Mount Emin (4,798 metres (15,741 ft)), Mount Gessi (4,715 metres (15,469 ft)) and Mount Luigi di Savoia (4,627 metres (15,180 ft)). Mount Stanley has several subsidiary summits, with Margherita Peak being the highest point.

The Rwenzoris are a world-class hiking and mountaineering destination. A nine- to twelve-day trek will get skilled climbers to the summit of Margherita – the highest peak – though shorter, non-technical treks are possible to scale the surrounding peaks. Just ask Pamoja Tours and Travel on what you need and we will organize accordingly.

For those who prefer something a little less strenuous, the neighbouring Bakonzo villages offer nature walks, homestead visits, home cultural performances and accommodation, including home-cooked local cuisines.

For those short on time there’s also the two- to three-day Mahoma Nature camping Trail, a 28km circuit set up by UWA in 2012 that’s a shortened version of the Central Circuit.

The Central Circuit trail

The Central Circuit trail starts from Mihunga gate at 1,651m asl.  Porter and hut maintenance services are provided by RMS. The Central circuit trail is the shortest and somewhat easiest route to Margherita peak except for the boggy path after John Maate camp on day 3 of the trail taking just 7 days to summit to Margherita peak.

The Central Circuit Trail Rwenzori mountains climbing route loops back between the peaks of Mountains Baker and Stanley.

The Kilembe trail.

Kilembe Trail is a hit among trekkers. Porter and hut maintenance services are provided by RTS. While treks to the main peaks are further away compared with the Central circuit trail, it receives glowing reviews for its professionalism, quality equipment and safety measures, as well as new comfortable mountain huts along the route. It’s trek to Margherita peak takes 8 days just like for the Bukurungu wilderness camping trail.

A range of tailor-made treks are offered, from technical climbs to leisurely strolls in the forested foothills. The most popular is the five-day trek to Weismann’s Peak. This Rwenzori mountains climbing route is at times steep and strenuous; there are no ropes or climbing equipment involved. During April to May and September to October, it’s common to experience snowfalls.

The Bukurungu trail

The Bukurungu Trail is an amazing experience for everybody who loves real wild nature. You will see unbelievable sceneries with 4 amazing lakes (Mughuli, Bukurungu, Bujuku and Irene) on your way, crossing Mountain Rivers, waterfalls and enjoying raw nature. This Rwenzori mountains climbing route is an 8 days trek to Margherita peak beginning in Omukorukumi and ending at Mihunga gate down to Nyakalengijjo.

The Mahoma Loop central circuit camping trail

The Rwenzori Mountain Mahoma Loop Nature trail a 28 km long loop-trail starting and ending at the Mihunga Gate of the national park was built and opened on August 27, 2012 by UWA and USAID-STAR with support from the US Forest service to enable visitors experience the Rwenzori Mountain ranges in shorter 1–3-day walks.

All the 3 major Rwenzori mountains climbing routes guarantee spectacular beauty and experience in the Rwenzori mountains.

Other Rwenzori Mountain climbing routes mainly used for nature walks, birding and camping are;

The Sebwe-Bughalitsa trail

The Kinyampanika Chimpanzee trail

The Kazingo trail

The Kyondo trail


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