The Twin Lakes of Ruhondo and Burera in Rwanda

Ruhando & Burera lakes were named Twin lakes because of their close proximity from each other. A dramatic drop in altitude 100m separates them

The Twin Lakes of Ruhondo and Burera in Rwanda









These amazing lakes are located in the Northern part of Rwanda just near the Rwanda-Uganda border and so close to the Volcanoes National Park (the famous gorilla home) with a total surface area of about 2800ha. They are situated at the base of Volcano Muhabura on the outskirts of Musanze city.

Ruhando and Burera lakes were named Twin lakes because of their close proximity from each other. It is just a dramatic drop in altitude 100m (328ft) that separates them with each pouring its water into the other.

These blue water lakes also known as lava dammed lakes are surrounded by the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda and were formed as a result of volcanism. The lava from the eruption of Muhabura dormant volcano blocked the River Nyabarongo’s channel (Rwanda’s largest river) hence their formation. The Nyabarongo River diverted its channel and started flowing in the East ward direction where it joins River Akanyaru from River Akagera.

Activities carried out on the Twin Lakes
1. Canoeing/boat riding.

Canoeing or boat cruising is a very amazing tourism activity that as well bring you a chance to travel to Lake Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and different islands on the twin lakes. While on the boat, you will get to view the lakes’ beautiful breathtaking scenery of the surrounding Virunga hills and much, the Volcanoes National Park and so much more.

2. Fishing.

Get a chance to involve yourself in the fishing activity done by the local people on the lakes. This is done locally using traditional fishing methods.

3. Bird watching.

At the twin lakes, you will be able to see different water birds like the kingfishers, herons, hammerkops and the cranes.

4. Community walk.

Get a chance to interact with different local people from the lby’iwacu cultural village. Get to see and know their traditional lifestyles. Also, get entertainment through their cultural dances and music. Don’t forget to purchase some handmade craft souvenir items as well as visiting the Musanze Caves.

5. Take an Agricultural production plant Tour around the twin lakes and many more activities.

When to visit the Twin lakes?

One can visiting the Twin lakes at any time of the year. The weather conditions around this place are very favorable with moderate yearly seasons. Only that you shouldn’t forget to carry a raincoat as the rain around this place is very unpredictable.

How to get there?

Accessing the Twin Lakes is very easy as it’s only a 2.5hr drive from Kigali City. More to that, you can It can access it from the Volcanoes National Park. The Road means will be suitable.

Nearby Hotels/Lodges

  • Inn of the Black Wolf
  • Inn de Clouds Hostel
  • Mount Elbert Lodge
  • Twin lakes Roadhouse
  • Delaware Hotel
  • Best western Vista Inn
  • The Gant Hotel
  • Mountain Chalet Aspen
  • Elk View Lodge
  • Mount Hope Hotel
  • Ginning bear Lodge

These and so many more well facilitated accommodations with excellent hospitality.

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