Twiga Safari Lodge-Midrange Murchison Falls NP


Twiga Safari Lodge-Midrange Murchison Falls NP: To begin with, Twiga Safari lodge is a perfect option for tourists who want to try a different style of accommodation. This lodge provides a combination of a tented camp (canvas) with solid construction.

The lodge has a great view of the treasures of Murchison Falls National Park. While there, you will be able to see monkeys, birds and even grazing hippos around the grounds of the lodge.

Additionally, the lodge has a fully furnished restaurant, bar and gift shop. It also offers free high-speed Wi-Fi and parking. Generally, the customer service is satisfactory and the lodge has a relaxed ambience.


Twiga’s accommodation is a blend of safari camping tents and thatched African cottages. The 8 private cottages on the premises are located on the bank of the river Nile in Mubaako- Paraa, opposite to the Murchison Falls National Park. Also, the lodge is a five-minute drive from the ferry crossing to the park.

Out standing qualities of this lodge

Firstly, the lodge has a great location. It is only a five-minute drive from the Paraa ferry crossing to Murchison Falls National Park.

Then, the lodge is home to a wide range of wildlife such as monkeys, birds and hippos. More to that, there is an African craft shop at the premises which offers an exciting experience for tourists especially art enthusiasts.

Twiga Safari lodge offers comfortable and spectacular accommodation. You may enjoy a safari camping adventure under the comfort of a thatched roof.

Facilities that are available at the lodge

The Twiga Safari Lodge restaurant offers a wide range of delicious continental meals that will energize you after a day filled with activities. The bar and restaurant are designed to offer stunning views of the Nile and Murchison Falls National Park. Whether you choose to quench your thirst with a cool beverage or sit back and absorb the view, you will certainly feel more relaxed at the end of your meal.

The lodge has a tranquil ambience which helps to relieve you of any form of stress. Additionally, the lodge offers free high-speed Wi-Fi and free parking.


Twiga Safari Lodge is perfect for tourists who want to try a new style of accommodation. It provides a tented Safari camp, combining canvas tents with solid, thatched roofs.

The lodge has 8 private cottages and guests can choose between a single, twin, or triple room. Each cottage is slightly elevated to maximize its view of the Nile’s crystal waters. Additionally, guests can enjoy the comforting melody of munching hippos and plodding elephants.


If you are interested in making your safari booking for Murchison Falls National Park, kindly contact Pamoja Tours and Travel. Also, if you prefer mid-range accommodation for your adventure, trust us to get a slot for you at Twiga Safari Lodge. Twiga Safari Lodge-Midrange accommodation in Murchison Falls NP is your dream destination.


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