Budget accommodation in Bwindi-Gorilla trekking safari in Uganda

Budget lodges in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Budget accommodation in Bwindi-Gorilla trekking safari in Uganda
Bwindi-Gorilla trekking safari in Uganda

Budget accommodation in Bwindi-Gorilla trekking safari in Uganda. The availability of accommodation facilities enhances most long-haul travel journeys. As guests are able to enjoy the various touristic activities without a worry of long transfers. Budget accommodation in Bwindi impenetrable national park is one of the preferred shelter means for travelers at the park, besides the luxury and mid-range facilities.

Travelers that want to spend less on safari tours and trips. Opt majorly for budget lodging while at tourist destinations.

The mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable national park are the major highlight for visiting this national park. Gorilla trekking safaris in the park is a fulfilling activity. Where trekkers get a chance to sight the gentle giants in their most jungle nature.

Location of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

Bwindi impenetrable national park is located in south-western Uganda in Kanungu district. The four gorilla sector of Bwindi national park is located at different locations of the park. With Buhoma at the northern area of the park, Ruhija in the East, Rushaga at the south and Nkuringo and the western side.

The long-distance reach of Bwindi national park necessities the need for a sleepover at the lodging facilities depending, on where the traveler treks the gorillas.  It takes about 8 to 9 hours to reach the park on a road transfer, traveling a distance of 540km, using the Mbarara Masaka highway.

Using air transfers to the park is a much easier and faster way to reach Bwindi impenetrable national park. Using the Kihihi airstrip, it takes only one hour to reach the park.

There are a number of budget lodges in Bwindi impenetrable national park at different sectors. Some are located within the park and others outside the premises of the park.

Budget accommodation at Buhoma sector.

Bwindi guest house

This accommodation is located near the of Buhoma sector. It has room arrangements that favor single, double, triple, and family stays. The different amenities located at the Bwindi guest house include wifi, 24/7 security, a dining room, free parking, and hot water.

Activities at the guest house include; volunteering at the NGO’s birding watching, community visits, gorilla trekking, mountain bike, and Batwa community encounter.

Budget accommodation in Bwindi-Gorilla trekking safari in Uganda
Budget accommodation in Bwindi-Gorilla trekking safari in Uganda

Bwindi View Bandas.

These bandas are 15km from Butogota, the nearest town to Buhoma. This can be accessed using a road transfer that takes about a few minutes to reach the bandas. Bwindi view bandas is well known for its well-trained staff, with high professional customer service. The bandas offer an amazing view overlooking the Bwindi forest. It facilitates with a canteen with a number of snacks for the visitors.

For tourists engaging in gorilla trekking. Packed lunch with three boxed meals are prepared for a jungle lunch when trekking, and cannot got back to the lodge.

Activities at the accommodation include; entertainment from a local children’s dance group, local community visits, bird watching with over 50 bird species recorded, sightseeing of the Buhoma valley.

Budget accommodation in Bwindi-Gorilla trekking safari in Uganda
Bwindi view bandas

Budget accommodation in Bwindi-Gorilla trekking safari in Uganda

Eco marvels gorilla resort

This lodge is strategically located between Buhoma and Ruhija. From Eco marvels gorilla resort, easy access of the gorilla groups of Habinyanja and Oruzogo, is made possible. Gorilla trekking from is resort is much easier than from other lodges because its neighbors the gorilla families.

Eco marvels gorilla resort offers comfortable rooms for budget travelers. While at the resorts, visitors can as well enjoy sunbathing, visiting the local tea factory, bird watching, community visits, and guided nature walks.

Eco marvels gorilla resort
Eco marvels gorilla resort

Engagi lodge

Engagi lodge is a modern eco-friendly lodge, located near the headquarters of the Bwindi at the Buhoma sector. The lodge is well established with an 8 en suite thatched cottages. The whole facility was constructed using local materials. From the ground rocks, banana fibers, and more.

Each cottage consists either of a single or double room. With enough spacious rooms, with hot and cold running water. Open veranda for beautiful scenic views.

The lodge has a well diverse kitchen programs.  The kitchen serves delicious three coarse meals to their visitors.

The cottages can be shared by visitors, or they can opt for single stays.

Budget accommodation at Ruhija sector.

Bakiga lodge

This is one of the prominent budget lodges in Ruhija. Unique from the other lodge facilities. Bakiga Lodge is a nonprofit accommodation facility. With Bakiga community project, a registered and certified NGO in Uganda.

The Lodge overlooks the beautiful valley of the park, just a few meters from the headquarters.

Bakiga Lodge has 10 self-contained cabins, with the internet, en suite bathrooms, and private balconies. Activities enjoyed at Bakiga lodge include visits to the local orphanage and schools and communities, bird watching, and guided hikes.

Broadbill forest camp.

This accommodation facility offers midrange lodges. But provides budget campsites for budget travelers.

Ruhija community forest camp

This is one of the affordable budget accommodation facilities in this sector. It is well knowing for the high hygiene of its room with professional staff. Ruhija community forest camp has family cabins and single cottages.  For guests who want to camp, there is a safe and secure camping ground at the site. With tents available for hire.

The most fascinating activity at the Ruhija camp, is bird watching, forest walks where a number of butterflies can be sighted. The unique 3 horned Jackson’s chameleon is also common at the rest camp.


Ruhija gorilla friends resort campsite

This is a local community project offering accommodation to its guests as well.

Budget accommodation in Rushaga

Rushaga gorilla haven lodge

This budget lodge is located in the southern sector of Bwindi at Ryaratugara (a term that means hills). This lodge sets on the hill overlooking the Bwindi forest and the mashoho river.  The lodge has beautiful and comfortable rooms for their guest. The lodge has nice single rooms, double rooms, triple rooms, and twin rooms.

Around the lodge, a number of activities can be engaged as well. These include; birding watching, and nature walks.

Budget accommodation in Bwindi-Gorilla trekking safari in Uganda

Budget accommodation in Nkuringo

Nsongi gorilla camp

This campsite seats in the deep forest of Bwindi, located at the edge of the forest. The campsite has 4 local bandas for the guest. These have hot and cold running water. The camp offers 3 coarse meals to the guest. As well as providing lunch for guest engaging in gorilla trekking.

Nshingi gorilla lodge

  • Nsongi has3 different rooms at the site.
  • Single occupancy- $10 for the dorm and camping
  • Camping at the guest’s tent $5
  • Non-self-contained full board per peron_$38
  • Self contained per person -$70 & $60

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