Hiring Drones in Uganda

Hiring Drones in Uganda

Hiring Drones in Uganda: Using drones is becoming the most popular way of capturing captivating shoots of sceneries and landscapes. It is now very easy for all the production companies to hire drones as well as someone to fly it for you. This is cheaper and safer for those capturing however, this activity is regulated by a set of strict rules and regulations therefore the importation and the use of drones can be difficult.

Is it acceptable to use drones?

Yes, drone filming is acceptable as long as you follow the rules and regulations such as;

  • The drone should go through all the proper channels to be used where the authorities are informed about the activity that is to take place.
  • Keep the drone within visual line of sight.
  • Avoid flying the drone within 5 miles of an airport.
  • Don’t fly the drone directly over people especially when they are not part of your crew members.
  • Do not fly from a moving vehicle unless in sparsely populated areas.
  • Yield right of way to any mannered aircraft.
  • Fly the drone at or under 100mph/160Kmh

Hiring Drones in Uganda


Advantages of hiring drones;

The most important point in hiring drones in east Africa is that it helps you avoid bureaucracies involved in temporary importation of your drone into Uganda. The importation process of drones into Uganda takes about 3-4 months with a probability that the government organizations you are writing to for permission to import the drone into east Africa and to grant you permission to fly the drone may refuse or accept. Furthermore, this saves you from a significant expense of purchasing a drone and the hustle of importing a drone into Uganda. Some advantages of hiring a drone locally are;

Saves you from expenses of purchasing a drone which reduces the overall cost of your filming project.
Reduces risks in case of accidents, you have nothing to lose. This will save you the worry that in case there is an accident with the drone, you have nothing to lose.

Saves you the hustle of getting the drone into east Africa which also reduces the importation tax on filming equipment.

Procedures of flying drones in Uganda

First, the person who is about to fly he drone must understand the rules and regulations of flying drones in Uganda, these are like simple guidelines of using drones.

Secondly, the person flying the drone must be a certified drone pilot with a license from Civil Aviation Authority of Uganda- CCA. These receive guidance on where to fly the drones from and therefore, they are aware of the NO FLY ZONES of Uganda. These are; Entebbe international Airport, State House –Kampala, State House- Entebbe and the presidential ranch in Gomba.

Note that flying over unknown airspace is an offense.

Those who insist on breaking the rules and flying over the illegal areas will receive punishments. You may lose the drone for good or end up in jail.


Pamoja tours and travel company can help you to hiring the drones and fly them easily. This is because it requires someone with experience and a license to fly the around East Africa. Pamoja Tours and Travel Company will also assist you with requesting permission from the respective authorities. We can also get permission from where you intend to film from.

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