Filming Security

Filming Security


Filming Security :Security is a necessity while filming in east Africa, there is need for film crews and production companies to acquire security. While planning any filming activity, the first thing to put into consideration is the security for your equipment that is to be used during filming.

In such cases, you need a security personnel to provide the necessary security for you and your equipment which is the reason why Pamoja Tours and Travel Company is here to ensure that both your crew members and the filming equipment are safe in any of the East African countries where you plan to film from.

The company has the ability to organize affordable security for your filming projects. These may either be private or licensed security firms of your choice. All of these are credible and can provide the necessary security. They can handle professional crowd control. Additionally, the personnel can protect the crew and equipment. Definitely, you will be the priority for 24 hours a day.

What to expect 

We listen to all your security concerns and provide advice where necessary especially for those who are new in east Africa. It is here when we make proper recommendations concerning the right security personnel you need depending on the nature of the shoot.

Once you hire us, expect location patrol tours, standing guard placement and post order duties. This will minimize opportunities for theft, trespassing, vandalism, disturbances and other unwanted activity during your shoot.

Once you contact us with the necessary details, we will forward it to the authorities. For instance;

  • like the location of your filming shoot
  • why you are coming to film
  • how long you are planning to film for
  • why you want this security

The information is also essential for determining prices.

Reasons why you need security

One of the major reasons as to why you need filming security is that most of the insurance companies where you plan to insure your equipment require you to have security for your equipment. Incase of any accident, they will be sure of your precautions.

Note that in order to facilitate the planning and acquisition of necessary security force, you need to mention the exact services that you need. Some include;

  • film location protection
  • equipment security

We will arrange the necessary security details in a few days. More to that, our security personnel will make a survey on ground and assess all your security needs. This is necessary to practically advise you on the exact security personnel you need.

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