How to reschedule Rwanda gorilla trekking permits?

How to reschedule Rwanda gorilla trekking permits in volcanoes national park.

How to reschedule Rwanda gorilla trekking permits in volcanoes national park










On the outbreak of Covid 19, traveling to different countries has become hard and risky. The pandemic has brought about a global emergency. Every country globally has recognized the need for rescheduling of everything including travel in the tourism sector. The pandemic has made a lot of people to miss their already planned trips. Many have even booked for everything required like gorilla permits and accommodation. This however doesn’t stop you from going for your already planned trip. However, it will need rescheduling for your gorilla trekking permits.

Rescheduling permits

Pamoja tours and travel company, as your tour operator can help you reschedule for your gorilla trekking permits in volcanoes national park. You just need to inform us about your future dates when you are planning too travel again. We will then quickly inform Rwanda development board and reschedule for your permits. Once we approve your request, we will notify you as soon as we get an approval.

The process

The process of rescheduling for your gorilla permit in Rwanda goes to Rwanda Development Board which is also responsible for selling out the permits. There were some changes in the initially existing rules. For instance there is now 12 months’ time and a 30 day limit to tour operators to submit their final payment of affected permits. Before, it used to be a 7 days time limit.
Other rules (valid from 25th January 2021 to 31st May 2022);

  • Tour operators whose clients cancelled their bookings will be offered credit that other clients will use.
  •  Rescheduling for the permits has no extra cost incurred until 31st may 2022. To all those who failed to travel because of the travel ban, flight cancellations and low season.

The re-opening

Rwanda re-opened on 17th June 2020 after a heavy lockdown of the country where all stakeholders and tour operators in business are now allowed to operate. To attract both local and foreign visitors, there are quite are number of discounts that Rwanda development board put on the permits. Additionally, it put different offers on its tourism activities to attract more visitors to the country.

The country has various places in four different national parks of Nyungwe Natural Park, volcanoes national park, Gishwati Makula national park and Akagera national park. The country its self is wondrous, with the Virunga mountains and volcanoes, different primate species, birds, reptiles, wildlife among others. For instance;

  • gorillas
  • L’Hoest monkeys
  • golden monkeys
  • blue monkeys (which are the major tourism attractions in Rwanda).

Visiting Rwanda during this pandemic has got you the following offers and discounts;

  • Those coming through charter flights in Rwanda, the gorilla permit remains the same of 1500$ however, the foreign residents’ permits are just 500$ and the 200$ for east African residents.
  • Special packages are available for groups, families and corporates on other products in volcanoes and Nyungwe national parks.

Special guidelines for Rwanda visitors and Covid 19 SOPs

  • Travelers coming into the country have to go for testing on both arrival and departure. For the arrivals, you will get the test at the airport for just 60$.  The only authentic test is SARS-CoV 2 REA TIME CHAIN POLYMERASE (RT-PCR). Departure tests have to be within 120 hours before departure by all visitors. This also includes visitors connecting through Kigali international airport.
  •  Travelers are to wait for 24 hours for their results in hotel transit which gives all visitors some rates on their hotel rooms for the 24 hour wait. Some of the designated transit hotels are; Kigali Marriott hotel, Radisson blu hotel, Kigali Serena hotel, the retreat hotel, Lemigo hotel, grand legacy hotel, Onomo hotel, dove hotel, and many others.
  • In case the visitor is positive of Covid 19, they will receive treatment at their expense as per the national COVID-19 management guidelines.


For a hustle free holiday with the best tour company, Pamoja Tours and Travel Company is here to ensure that you are served with the most accurate information about travel requirements and accommodation options. We also aid you in rescheduling for your gorilla permits in Uganda and Rwanda when you contact us with all your details. Our professional staff provides the best service. From your first inquiry with us, we will arrange your trip to the dot, book your accommodation, process and secure your gorilla permits and pay your park fees.

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