Comparing trekking in Volcanoes national park with trekking in Virunga national park

Comparing trekking in Volcanoes national park with trekking in Virunga national park









Virunga national park and volcanoes national park are both national parks that inhabit the famously known mountain gorillas. It is only in Uganda, DRC and Rwanda where you can go trekking for these gorillas in their natural inhabitant in the whole world. This has made gorilla trekking a very famous activity that attracts people from different countries of origin to come have an experience with these magnificent creatures.

As a tourist planning to go trekking, you might find it hard to make a decision of which park to go to for gorilla trekking. However, Pamoja Tours and Travel Company is here to help you make comparisons between Virunga national park in Congo and volcanoes national park in Rwanda.

There are a few of differences between these two parks however, the experience of trekking in volcanoes national park of Rwanda is the same as trekking in Virunga national park of Congo, and there is no big difference.

Gorilla trekking permits

First things first, the gorilla trekking permits in Virunga national park are cheaper than those of volcanoes national park. Permits for gorilla trekking in DRC cost US 400$ at the climax of the season and US 200$ during the flair of the season because DRC is trying to promote its tourism sector.
In Rwanda, the permits go for US 1500$ for foreign nonresidents, US 500$ for foreign residents and US 200$ for east African residents since Rwanda is trying to promote its self as a luxury destination. There are a number of reasons which explain the different permit prices. However, this is mainly because each county has its own policies. Check out our page about a comparison between gorilla trekking permit pieces in Virunga national park and volcanoes national park for more information.

Time spent with gorillas

The time given to spend with the gorillas while on the trek is the same for both national parks. There is one hour allocated as time spent with the gorillas once they have been located before you trek for another gorilla family.

Locating gorilla families

Virunga national park and volcanoes national park allocates people going for treks according to preferences and physical abilities of the individual. Locating these mountain gorillas depends on the location of the gorilla family allocated to you, you want short, medium or long treks, you have inform the park authorities initially. You should note that gorillas’ behavior might affect your experience. For instance, in case your gorilla family decides to move further, then your treks are going to be far in order to find that particular group of gorillas.

Best time to go trekking

There is no specific time for gorilla trekking because you can go trekking all year around. Both of the parks are located in the tropics therefore receive rainfall anytime throughout the year. The best months to go trekking in the parks is in mid-December, January, February, June, July, August and September. Nevertheless, gorilla trekking in the other months is so possible since it is cheaper with a number of discounts on the accommodation facilities and gorilla permits (in Virunga national park).


Trekking in both the parks is very safe for any visitor. All trekking in Congo starts from Goma. Here visitors travel in a military convoy to ensure the safety of the tourists. In both the parks of Virunga and volcanoes, the visitors first go for briefing. Thereafter, they go for trekking where you receive different safety tips. When trekking, the visitors are under a guide who is very experienced with gorillas.

Other activities done after trekking

After gorilla trekking, there are a number of activities that we can do in both the parks. These activities are planned before or after the trek to supplement your gorilla trekking . For instance;

  • hiking given that volcanoes and Virunga national parks are hilly
  • visiting local villages
  • wildlife game drives
  • walking safaris
  • birding
  • visiting of lakes like Lake Kivu, lake Bunyonyi


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