Luxury things to do in Bwindi national park

Luxury things to do in Bwindi national park. This spectacular location is famous for its gorilla trekking activities that are carried out here

Luxury things to do in Bwindi national park










Bwindi impenetrable national park is located in the south western part of Uganda at the boarder of democratic republic of Congo. He park is one of the oldest natural forest that exist in Africa with different tropical; rain forests that have lasted for over 250000 is called an impenetrable forest because of its thick canopy making the forest so thick, on top of this the park is endowed with different trees, birds, animals, primates, mammals etc.

Gorilla trekking

This spectacular location is famous for its gorilla trekking activities that are carried out here. Note that Bwindi national park is divided into four sectors of Buhoma, Ruhija, Rushanga and Nkuringo in which half of the world’s endangered gorilla species live in their natural habitat. Bwindi and Mgahinga national park are the only parks in which gorillas live in their natural habitat in Uganda and these have got unique individuals called the silver backs which are the dominant gorilla species for each gorilla family.

The permit

For any tourist to take part of these famous trekking activity, you must present a valid gorilla trekking permit which allows you to trek the gorillas. The visitors in the park have only one hour time to be with the gorillas the moment you spot them. Also, this only allows 8 people to trek a gorilla family at a time. Booking for a gorilla permit takes time and it’s a process. At Pamoja tours and Travel Company, we guarantee a permit when you allow us book it for you as long as you make payments in time for the permit. Once you trust us with your booking, we will start your gorilla permit processing which is in a few steps.


  • Checking the validity of gorilla permits on the planned date of your trip.
  • Once they are available, we shall book your permit
  • We will send you an invoice which you need to pay as soon as possible
  • On payment, we will secure your permit with Uganda Wildlife Authority
  • We will later send you scanned copies of your permits once they are secured which you will present to get allowed to trek.

The permits cost USD 700 for the foreign nonresidents, USD 600 for foreign residents and 250000 for all east African residents to go trekking.

Gorilla habituation experience

This is one of the most luxurious activity. Habituated gorillas are exposed to people and therefore used to them, this gives you a chance to enjoy a 4 hours company with the habituated gorillas. The experience only allows four people per gorilla family unlike gorilla trekking which allows 8 people, on top of that, habituation allows 4 hours with the gorillas yet trekking allows just one hour with the gorilla. Gorilla habituation is more like gorilla trekking however habituation experience has its own benefits as mentioned above. You still need to book a gorilla trekking permit and then get ready to spend a day and a half with these magnificent creatures.

Gorilla habituation is conducted in Rushanga and Buhoma sector of Bwindi impenetrable national park. With the help of guides, researchers, and a ranger, you will monitor the habituated groups as they continue to live and do their normal daily activities like feeding, communication and resting.

Bird watching

Bwindi national park has a total number of 323 birds in the park that are available for biding. The park has different bird species that are unique. You can see some of them in the Albertine rift and not any other part of Uganda. For instance;

  • black-fly catcher
  • African olive-pigeon
  • buff-spotted woodpecker
  • Pettit’s cuckoo-shrike
  • Cassin’s flycatcher
  • Ruwenzori batis,
  • Ansorge’s greenbuls
  • snowy-crowned robin chat.

On your birding trip, you will receive guidance and different tips on bird watching in Uganda. The activity is luxurious because you need a number of equipment to help you in biding. Also, you need a few fares of just 70$ to be for the park entry fees. The rest, 30$ is for the Uganda Wildlife Authority which is in charge of all national parks in Uganda.

Natural forest walks

Bwindi is the best park for luxury nature walks. The thick natural forest has different beautiful species like primates; baboons, gorillas, monkeys like the blue and the golden monkeys. There are plenty of other species like the birds which are available for birding, wild animals and mammals like African elephants. The forest walks will help you take nature into your own hands as you will be able to spot birds, animals, primates and this will be at your own pace.
There are forest walks that we organize through different available trails in Bwindi forest. For instance, the Kashasha river trail and the ivy river trail. These two give you a chance to explore more of the forest beauty of the green rush and fresh water rivers as you walk through the forest.

Cultural experience and community encounters

These activities give you a chance to experience the local cultures of the Batwa and the Bakiga people who live on the out skirts of the forest. Your trip to these small communities will;

  • enable you to interact with these people freely
  • listen to their stories of the life they lived before they got pushed out of the forest
  • learn different ways of how they live like collecting wild honey, making art and craft from trees, making music out of wooden instruments, making fire using hands
  • Get entertainment later when you hear the Batwa and Bakiga traditional songs and dance. These have a unique way of entertainment through dance and music.

Those who have interest in taking part in all the local community charity and organizations are welcome. There are plenty of schools, hospitals where you can give some grants and this will be highly valuable. These schools are locally based school to support the young generation of children in their local community. Engage is local making of crafts, making food and selling different kinds of food stuff at your will.


The sector has got different unique accommodation facilities in terms of lodges, camps and hotels. These are very specious and secure for your stay. You can find them in different sectors of Bwindi national park. In Buhoma sector, Nkuringo, Ruhija and Rushanga sector. We as Pamoja tours and Travel Company can recommend accommodation according to your preferences and budget. Some of the lodges include;
In Rushanga; Rushanga gorilla lodge, four gorilla lodge, Rushaga gorilla havens lodge
In Nkuringo; Nkuringo Bwindi gorilla lodge, clouds mountain gorilla lodge,
In Buhoma; Buhoma lodge, mahogany springs lodge, Bwindi lodge, gorilla forest camp
In Ruhija; trekker’s tavern lodge, Bakiga lodge or in Lake Bunyonyi lodges in Kabale.


Pamoja tours and travel company provides the best and sustainable tours and holidays to all its clients. With our hard working staff, we have secured a working relationship with different service providers to help us run our operations smoothly and provide you with all services you require starting from booking permits, accommodation to the dot. All our safaris are life changing and affordable. Feel free to contact us in case you have any inquiry and get feedback in the shortest time possible.

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