Mukiza Gorilla Family


The Busingye Gorilla Family

To begin with, Mukiza gorilla family is one of the most interesting gorilla groups to interact with while on gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park-Southwestern Uganda. Mukiza is a newly habituated gorilla group and is officially open for gorilla tourism in the Ruhija sector. Additionally, it split from Kyaguriro family which is set for both research and gorilla purposes in Bwindi National Park.

About Mukiza gorilla family

The creation of Mukiza gorilla family in May 2016 increased Ruhija sector’s total number of habituated gorilla groups to 4 from the original 3 that included Oruzogo, Bitukura and Kyaguriro. It did not only increase on the region’s number of habituated families but also on the available gorilla permits to 32.

Furthermore, Mukiza gorilla family group presently consists of 15 family members. Also, it split from Kyaguriro after Rukara invaded making Mukiza to leave Kyaguriro with 10 gorillas. Interestingly, breaking away from another gorilla family is a usual behavior among mountain gorillas due to various factors. This is one of the reasons why the composition of gorilla groups keeps on fluctuating.

Mukiza group is also well-known as Kyaguriro B group family and it is led by Mukiza silverback gorilla. Additionally, it is an exceptional gorilla group usually spotted spending most of its time within the park and rarely sighted outside the park boundaries.

Kyaguriro B/Mukiza gorilla group welcomed its new born baby gorilla in October 2020 by Mwijukye mother gorilla. This brought the group composition to 15 members. Currently, tourists can take part of the mountain gorilla trekking experience in Mukiza gorilla family.

Mukiza gorilla permits

It is a must to present a valid gorilla permit to Bwindi park authorities if you want access to Mukiza group of Ruhija sector. The price of gorilla permits for Mukiza family just like all the families in the Park, include the following:

– US $700 for a foreign non-resident

– foreign residents US $600

-Citizens of East African Community Ugx. 250,000.

Regardless of the visitor category, you can easily book all Mukiza gorilla permits through Pamoja Tours and Travel or directly if you contact Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).

When to visit Mukiza gorilla family of Ruhija sector?

Trekking Mukiza gorilla group of Ruhija has no specific time. It is open to tourists throughout the year. However, dry months are considerably the best. In addition, they come in 2 phases;

– from June to September

-from December to February.

Where to stay?

Visitors interested in exploring and experiencing the best of Mukiza gorilla group can spend a night in any of the many lodging options in and around Ruhija sector in the eastern side of Bwindi National Park. They include Gift of Nature Lodge, Ruhija Gorilla Lodge, Bakiga Lodge, Agandi Uganda Lodges, Trekkers Tavern Lodge and Gorilla Mist Camp among others.

Getting there.

Mukiza gorilla family is within Ruhija sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. This park lies in the Eastern region of the park and getting here is possible by road or by air. By road, you will spend close to 9 hours to get to Ruhija area from Kampala/Entebbe or 3-5 hours from Kigali capital of Rwanda. Conversely, by air, flights are possible from Entebbe airport or Kajjansi airfield to Kihihi/Kisoro airstrips (adjacent to Bwindi National Park in Southwestern Uganda).

What to pack?

The must-have for tourists with plans to trek Mukiza gorilla family include a valid gorilla permit, snacks, passport, visa, long-sleeved shirt, rain jacket, sweater, medical kit/first aid kit, trousers, camera with no flashlight, bottled water, waterproof back pack, hiking boots, sun glasses and insect repellent.

In conclusion

Pamoja Tours and Travel is your best tour operator. We are committed to giving you the best safari experience ever! If you want to make a safari booking or any inquiry today, kindly contact us. You will not regret.


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