Organizing a Fly-in Safari to Ruhija Sector to see Mountain Gorillas

Organizing a Fly-in Safari to Ruhija Sector to see Mountain Gorillas










Organizing a Fly-in Safari to Ruhija Sector to see Mountain Gorillas: Ruhija sector is one of the famous sectors of Bwindi impenetrable national park. The park lies in the South western part of Uganda. Additionally, it protects not only half of the remaining mountain gorillas in the world but also other primates like monkeys, baboons, bird species. In terms of numbers, the primates are around 350 in total, 120 mammal species, 27 frog species, 104 fern species, 1000 plant species and 163 tree species. We find all these species in the four sectors of Ruhija, Buhoma, Nkuringo and Rushaga sectors of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

About Ruhija Sector

Ruhija sector in the Eastern part of Bwindi national park. Moreover, it is one of the good sectors with the second highest population of gorillas in Bwindi. More to that, Ruhija is the coldest sector of Bwindi impenetrable forest among all the other sectors.

In line with the foregoing, the sector’s trekking is famous because it is the most preferred in terms of location, gorilla families and the slopes are not so steep making it easy to trek through. This makes the sector good for aged travelers. In addition, Ruhija has got a total number of four gorilla families of Bitukura gorilla family, Kyaguriro A gorilla family, Oruzogo gorilla family and Kyaguriro B gorilla family.

Gorilla permits

The permit is a necessity in case you want to go for gorilla trekking. It is important to book the permit in advance (about 4-5 months prior), especially during the peak season of the year. This season is a extremely busy due to a lot of tourists therefore permits are on high demand.

More importantly, check the validity of the permits depending on the dates you plan on trekking. The permit will be reserved for seven days when you are expected to pay for it. You will then send us your payment invoice for us to secure your permit.

When the permit has been secured, we will then send you scanned copies of receipts from Uganda Wildlife Authority. Gorilla permits cost US700$ for foreign nonresidents, US600$ for foreign residents and 250000UG shillings for the east African residents respectively.

Organizing a Fly-in Safari to Ruhija Sector

There are scheduled and chattered flights in Entebbe and Kajjansi airstrip. However, there are no direct flights to Ruhija. Therefore, the only option is flying via Kihihi which is ideally on Buhoma side (a 2 hours’ drive to Ruhija).

You can as well use charter flight to Kabale and drive to Ruhija sector. You can also branch off from Ntungamo to Rukungiri, Kihihi, Bogota then drive another two hours to Ruhija.

Aero link is the main domestic airline here which offers both scheduled and chattered flights on a daily basis. Passengers should check in 90 minutes before the departure of the flight. Therefore, for those who need booking, contact us to book your flight to avoid any delay.

There are also private chattered flights available which offer a free flight for infants below 2 years and 70% off of the adult’s fare for children below 12 years.

Other activities to do on your fly in to Ruhija sector.

Apart from gorilla trekking in his sector, it also gives a chance for primate walking where you will be able to spot a number of primates.

Boat cruise on Lake Bunyonyi

The sector is a few meters away from Lake Bunyonyi which is a very beautiful lake with a number of islands. This lake takes on the name “lake of hills and islands” because the islands on it total to 29 island on this small lake. This will give you the best time as you embrace the beauty of the lake and the surroundings. Lake Bunyonyi is one of the best birding locations for those who wish to trek in Bwindi national park.

Bird watching

Bwindi national park has a total number of 323 birds in the park that are available for biding. The park has different bird species that are unique and some of which can you can only find in the Albertine rift. For instance;

  • black-fly catcher
  • African olive-pigeon
  • buff-spotted wood pecker
  • Pettit’s cuckoo-shrike
  • Cassin’s flycatcher
  • Ansorge’s greenbuls
  • snowy-crowned robin chat
  • African paradise fly catcher

On your birding trip, you will be receive different tips on bird watching in Uganda. This will take place on the main birding trail of Ruhija in Mubwindi swamp where you will get a chance to see a number of birds in the sector without making any effort.

Batwa cultural experience

This is one of the best activities that you can do in Bwindi Park after gorilla trekking. The activity takes place on the out skirts of the park where Batwa people settled after the park was gazette for a national park. It is important to note that this was once a home to these people.

Once you take park in this activity, you will have a chance to walk along with guides through the local communities learning about their forest life and local way of doing and making everything such as collecting wild honey, making fire and many other activities. The locals will also entertain you by performing their local cultural dances and songs. With this trip, you are assured of a memorable experience on your fly-in to Ruhija sector.

Natural forest walks

Bwindi is the best park where nature walks can be carried out through The thick natural forest which has different beautiful species like primates; baboons, gorillas, monkeys like the blue and the golden monkeys. There are plenty of other species like the birds which are available for birding, wild animals and mammals like African elephants. The forest walks will help you take nature into your own hands as you will be able to spot birds, animals, primates and this will be at your own pace. This gives an opportunity to learn about different tree species and yet less tiring because of the flat terrain of Ruhija sector which has less slopes.

Community encounter

Those who want to take part in all the local community charity and organizations are welcome. More to that, there are plenty of schools, hospitals where you can give some grants and will be highly resourceful. These schools are locally based school to support the young generation of children in their local community. Engage in local making of crafts, making food and selling different kinds of food stuff at your will.

Accommodation facilities

Ruhija sector is cater for only two categories of accommodation namely; budget and midrange. Up market visitors can consider staying in Buhoma sector lodges which is just 1 hour’s drive to Ruhija sector. Ruhija sector lodges include; Ruhija gorilla lodge, Trekker’s tavern lodge, Bakiga lodge, Ruhija community lodge.

You can enjoy the lodges around Ruhija sector in case you don’t want to stay in Ruhija, there are a number of choices to make from budget, mid-range and luxury accommodation like Buhoma lodge, Mahogany springs lodge, Bwindi lodge, Gorilla forest camp, Rushaga gorilla camp, Four gorilla lodge, Rushaga gorilla havens lodge or in Lake Bunyonyi lodges in Kabale like Bird nest Bunyonyi resort, Arcadia lodges Lake Bunyonyi, Bunyonyi overland resort and many others.


You can contact Pamoja tours and travel company to arrange for you a package, help you book your gorilla safari in Ruhija sector as well as arrange your transportation means from the airstrip to your lodge on your fly-in safari. You are sure of arranged safari from the start of your trip to the dot. We can help you book accommodation, secure your trekking permits, arrange different activities that you can do after trekking and transport you to your destination. Kindly contact us for more reliable and cheaper rates for a memorable gorilla trekking safari. We can also advise you on different safari packages in all the sector of Bwindi impenetrable national park for the most memorable safari in Uganda. Fly-in Safari to Ruhija Sector to see Mountain Gorillas in Uganda

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