Red Chilli Rest Camp-Midrange Murchison Falls NP


Red Chilli Rest Camp-Midrange Murchison Falls NP: Located in the heart of Murchison Falls National park (at Paraa), Red Chilli Rest Camp is strategically positioned for travelers who are interested in exploring the park. It is just 500 metres away from the ferry, where you can cross for an early morning game drive on the Nile delta or head out for a boat cruise.

Outstanding qualities about the lodge

Strategic location: Due to the fact that the lodge is located in the heart of the park (near the Nile river), it is a perfect starting point for a game drive or a boat cruise.

A variety of facilities: The lodge has a fully stocked bar, restaurant, communal campfire and barbecue area which make it easy to spend time with family and interact with other tourists.

Affordability: Red Chilli Rest Camp is one of the few low budget accommodations located inside the park so you can still wake up to the beautiful sounds of the savannah.


Red Chilli Rest Camp offers a selection of low to mid-range accommodation options which include furnished safari tents and bandas (small individual houses) and a camping ground.

Camping with shared access to modern showers, toilets, cooking facilities and basic twin safari tents are the lowest priced options.

Electricity is supplied by a generator three times a day. In the morning and afternoon there is power for a couple of hours each, and then in the evening for about four hours. This is the best time to charge your phone, camera and other electronics.

However, there is light all day and the family bandas always have fans on even during non-generator times.


There is an on-site restaurant that offers delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner and a bar which closes at midnight. The meals also cater for vegetarians.

There is a communal campfire and barbecuing area, where you can cook your own food if you wish.

Unfortunately, there is no free Wi-Fi, however you may make a personal arrangement for internet access so as to remain connected to your loved ones.


Murchison Falls is one of the most popular safari destinations in Uganda, so there is a variety of activities to engage in.

You can go hiking with an experienced guide to see the Murchison and Uhuru falls up close. It is advisable to carry a picnic which you can enjoy under the shade of an acacia tree.

Another exciting activity is going for a game drive. Here, you can get a chance to observe the park’s wildlife in their natural habitat. Game drives last approximately 4 hours and can take place at any time of day or evening.

Besides hiking and game drives, you may go for a boat cruise, nature walks, chimpanzee trekking, bird watching, sport fishing and hot air balloon safaris.


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