The Kyaguriro Gorilla Family


The Bitukura Gorilla Family

The Kyaguriro gorilla family: Lying in the Ruhija sector of Bwindi Impenetrable national park is a special family : the Kyaguriro family. This family is special because it is for research purposes, for instance about mountain gorilla behaviors, how to conserve them (since they are an endangered species) and the habituation process among these creatures.

A brief summary about mountain gorillas

Did you know that mountain gorillas share 98% DNA with human beings? This is after baboons and chimpanzees. Additionally, mountain gorillas are one of the world’s most intriguing creatures since an encounter with them is one of the best experiences ever! This is also because they behave and organize themselves like human beings.

The story behind the leadership of the family

The Kyaguliro family was originally led by an ageing silverback known as Zeus (just like the Greek god). He became a leader during the habituation process and continued shortly after. He was named Zeus because he was “lord and master” over all the gorillas in his group. However, his leadership did not last for long because his position was taken over by a rival and he was banished into the forest where he later died. The current leader is Rukina the silverback but his position is occasionally under threat due to another gorilla-Marembo (who has his own troop).

The structure of the family

The composition of this family is quite intriguing since it has several mysteries . One of them is that the current leader of the family is not a son of the former one Zeus, the other being how the female gorilla called Tindamanyere came into the group and why the young female gorilla called Twigukye left the group at such as young age to join Rukina’s troop.

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The objective of this family’s habituation process

Unlike many of the other gorilla families in the park, this family is for research purposes. It was habituated in 1999. Since then, there is a lot of information (discoveries) about the mountain gorilla families in Bwindi. This is due to extensive interaction with this family. Did you know there are significant differences between the mountain gorillas in Bwindi and those in the Virungas? An example of this is the fact that the black backs in the Virungas mature into silver backs at a faster rate than those in Bwindi.


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