Crew Transport & Accommodation


Crew Transport & Accommodation

Finding cost effective transportation and accommodation close to your desired venue is difficult however, organizing film crew transport and accommodation in any of the east African countries is easier with Pamoja Tours and Travel Company.


For all your accommodation needs, Pamoja Tours and Travel Company has a long working relationship with different hotels and lodges in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, DRC, Burundi and Tanzania. They can offered accommodation at good rates. While booking, we need to understand the category of accommodation you want, how long you are planning to stay and your accommodation budget such that we suggest and look for the right hotels and lodges.

Note that the prices of accommodation facilities tend to rise in the months of June, July, August and September. It is during this time that a number of tourists flock east Africa because of the dry season. However, these prices vary depending on:

  • Likes and preferences.
  • Season; in case of drier seasons of the year, hotels are booked to their full capacity and the prices are high yet in the wet season, a few tourists are visiting east Africa therefore, hotels are not so busy and the price are low.
  • Location where you are going to film from
  • Country where you are planning to film.


For your transportation worries, the company owns a fleet of different vehicles you may desire. We are aware that all film crews need abundant space for their crew, equipment and for filming however, thanks to Pamoja Tours and Travel Company, we have a number of land cruisers and 4×4 mini buses which have been customized to make them suitable for filming and photography.

In case of your safety worries, these vehicles have high maintenance and insurance. Therefore, cease the worry because you will have no problem on the road. Additionally, we have the best drivers who have knowledge in terms of destination information. In case you need a self-drive vehicle service, we can arrange it for you and your crew members at a favorable price.

Please make sure that you book all these in time to avoid shortage.

Kindly contact us in case of any questions about your film crew transport and accommodation means you need.

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