Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)











First of all, for those who wish to connect with the wild, I believe Congo is one of the beautiful destinations full of wonders ranging from the culture, landscape, plant life and wild animals. Furthermore, the sector of tourism and travel is under rehabilitation. Also, the construction of hotels, tourism infrastructures and putting of the wildlife conservation is a priority.

Democratic Republic of Congo as a country hasn’t been investing so much into wildlife conservation. However, it has unique tourism opportunities like the indigenous culture, the geological wonders. For instance, there is the African amazon forest which is one of the oldest natural forests in the world. More to that, 12% of DRC land is conserved as protected area. In addition, therein lie 7 national areas and 57 reserves with eco-tourism possibilities. Also, the country provides unique tourism activities. For instance;

Gorilla trekking and habituation

Gorilla trekking in the Congo forest has helped to generate almost half of Congo’s foreign exchange that comes from the tourism sector.

More to that, the most wondrous leisure at the sea sides give the most beautiful sea view with white sand and other beaching activities like surfing. Interestingly, you can also view and experience rivers like River Congo and lakes like lake Kivu.

Alternatively, you can go for habituation experiences with wild mountain gorillas. This is another experience where you get to spend a lot of time with the mountain gorillas. Also, it is different from other usual safaris where the tourist is given just one hour with the gorillas.

Boating and water rafting

Boating and water rafting are another exciting set of activities. Surprisingly, rafting here is a challenge for the rafters since Congo River is one of the deadliest rivers in the world.

Bird viewing

Bird viewing in Congo national parks, reserves and along the river banks is fascinating since they are a home to a thousand bird species.
Additionally, game drives and wildlife viewing is a wondrous adventure in DRC where a number of wild animals are seen.  For instance;

  • okapi
  • bonobos
  • zebras
  • lions
  • Congolese giraffes
  • Nile crocodiles
  • mountain gorillas.

DR Congo has tried to improve the different sectors that have promoted tourism in Congo by investing in different sectors and opportunities.

Impact of park modernization

Firstly, there has been modernization of national parks by equipping them and providing different services that were not originally provided like recreation attractions events and conferences. This has been done through joint management opportunities. More to that, there was a policy where DRC’s ministry of tourism collaborated with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to boost tourism and modernize it. There has been a creation of;

  • Fluvial boating touristic transportation
  • Rehabilitation and construction of hotels like in the Virunga national Park.
  • Designing new tourist sites
  • Development of eco-tourism
  • Travel trade
  • Transportation
  • Food and beverages
  • Tourism services
  • Other tourist infrastructures

Tourism places in DRC

To begin with, there are a number of places that gives a thrill of pleasure to the tourist in Congo. These range from rives, lake to mountains some of which are scary but very attractive like the Congo River and Kinshasa a city on the banks of Congo river. Also, there is an Equatorial forest around it called Ma Vallee with a tavern on its banks. In addition, Bukavu town is known for its beauty hanging around the southern tip of Lake Kivu which was a former home of the eastern lowland gorillas.

There are a number of places from national parks and reserves to rivers, forests and mountains. For instance;

National parks and reserves

  • Kahuzi Beiga national park
  • Virunga national park
  • Garamba national park
  • Nouabale Ndoki national park
  • Upemba national park


  • Madiakoko Mountains
  • Mount Nyiragongo
  • Mikeno volcano
  • Mount Karisimbi
  • Mount Sabinyo
  • Virunga mountains
  • Mount Emin
  • Mount Kahuzi
  • Margherita peak


  • Inkisi falls which has a massive complex of caves that wrap around the cave. The impressive falls are very easy to hike hence challenging the tourists. On the other hand, they give very beautiful sceneries.
  • Livingstone falls
  • Lofoi falls
  • Loufoulakari falls
  • Boyoma falls
  • Inga falls

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