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To begin with, Kenya which is located in the Eastern part of Africa has one of the biggest tourism sectors. More to that, it is the second biggest source of revenue following agriculture.

Furthermore, Kenya tourism board is responsible for maintaining the information concerning Kenyan tourism. Classic safaris have all been about nature where all wildlife is the star attraction followed by culture. However, in the recent years, there has been an effort of making humans and wildlife co-exist with each other through a process called habituation.

Habituation process

This habituation process is where wild animals are trained to co-exist with humans by making them used to human. More to that, the tourism infrastructure and network is much developed in Kenya than in any other East African country. In addition, there are well managed national parks, highways, international and domestic connectivity and a very good hospitality industry. All these help the tourists to enjoy the comfort in Kenya.

Additionally, Kenya won the best leisure destination award at the world travel fair in Shanghai, China in 2008.

Also, there is a number of other tourism attractions like the beach tourism, eco-tourism, sports tourism and the cultural tourism.

Accommodation facilities;

There are a number of beautiful places in Kenya which can be booked and these have the best and most hospitable environment for the tourist, example;

  • Mbuyu lodge Watamu
  • Comfy Palace Guest House
  • Villa Rose Kempinski
  • Palacina the residence and the suites
  • Hotel Sonrisa
  • Palm Garden Boutique Hotel
  • Fairview Hotel
  • Seawhispers inn
  • Eka hotel Eldoret


The most significant tourism attractions in Kenya is the wildlife which can be seen on safaris. Also, there are beautiful landscapes with natural vegetation that are diverse in nature. That said, Kenya is full of mountains, rivers and bordered by the ocean with beautiful white sand beaches. In addition, there are the Kenyan desert and the tea estate. Also, mountainous forests give a chance to the climbers to take a climbing trip while exploring the wilderness.

Mountains like;

  • Mountain Kenya which is the highest in east Africa but also the second longest in Africa.
  • Mount Elgon which emerges from about 6200 feet with beautiful cliffs like Wagagai.
  • Mount Satima ( Lesatima) lies greatly from the eastern rift valley
  • Mount Kulal
  • Mount Ng’iro
  • Mount Kinangop
  • Mount Mtelo
  • Mount Kipipiri
  • Cherang’any hills and Chepenyal hills etc.

Kenyan wildlife is diverse and magnificent wildlife attractions like the big five and the big nine like lions, leopard, cheetah, elephant, rhino, giraffe and many more. Such attractions are visible on different adventures on a short term or long term adventures in places like;

The Kenyans too are also an asset of tourism who are naturally warm and welcoming to tourists and all foreigners. On top of that, they have a unique local culture and their cultural activities like the Maasai culture which has a unique life style, food, way of dressing and may other ways that may be of attraction.

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