Kati Kati Camp

Kati Kati Camp


Kati Kati camp is a luxury tented camp is located right in the heart of the Seronera.

It comprises approximately 4 camp sites the entire same name and so it can be pot luck as to which you are in on any given day.

This being said, hidden on the slopes of the various hills of the region. All of the camps offer good views out the grasslands and herds beyond in season.


Kati Kati camp is a fairly standard camp as far as the layout is concerned with each of the tents located uniformly from the other.

While this does not really give a great sense of privacy, it still allows game to wander freely, which adds to the experience.

Kati Kati Camp










This camp is a simple yet effective base. This enables you to have easy access to one of the best game viewing areas in the Serengeti.

It is about 40 minutes from the Seronera airstrip.

If you are looking for an option that offers good value for money then Kati Kati camp is certainly worth considering.

The main area consists of a small tented restaurant area, adjoined to another tent. This acts as a library and lounge area where you can relax after a full day in the Serengeti.  It is small, simple but completely practical.


These are very much luxury tents that have now become standard across the north.

They have ensuite showers and flushing loo facilities, serene verandas from which to watch the meandering game from.

Kati Kati Camp








They definitely make for a comfortable stay at Kati Kati camp.


This area is famed in the Serengeti for the amount of game that it gets and the main activity here is to head out on a drive.

Kopjes dot the horizon to the south of camp (a favorite hunt for lion and leopard) and scrub bush to the north. It gives a great variety to those driving.

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