Nimali Serengeti Camp

Nimali Serengeti Camp

Nimali serengeti camp
















Nimali Serengeti Camp is located in the Central Serengeti National Park, close to the Makoma Hill. There are large herds of buffaloes, elephants and giraffes. It also has resident predatory cats such as lions, cheetah and hyena. Surrounded by open plains and scattered woodland, this area offers total seclusion as well as a wealth of resident wildlife. Between the months of March and June, the wildebeest migration herds can be found in the central Serengeti, making their way up slowly to the northern plains.


Nimali Serengeti Camp has six en-suite tented rooms, each spread out ample distance from one another in a line. The beauty of this layout is that each of the rooms has a panoramic view out to the Serengeti plains. It also has wildlife wandering close to your tent as they feel comfortable, you will certainly be in the heart of the wildlife. The main mess area combines an open-plan lounge and dining area, open up to the game-filled plains.

Rooms for Nimali Serengeti Camp

The tented rooms provide an authentic safari experience. However, the modern furnishings, elegant decorations and well-appointed bathrooms make them the height of luxury when you walk in! The bedroom is very spacious and the bathrooms each have a double vanity basin, a shower and a flushing toilet. After sundowners by the fireplace, with lanterns hanging from the nearby trees creating a beautiful ambiance, they escort you back to your room with a local lookout.

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At Nimali Serengeti Camp you can either enjoy your safari on a private basis (with your own vehicle and guide from Ngorongoro Crater for example). You can also fly into the central Serengeti and enjoy the game drives on a shared basis, using Nimali’s open-sided vehicles and local guides. In either case, the accommodation includes all meals and all drinks.



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