1.Katavi Wildlife Camp


Luxury accommodation in Katavi National Park includes Katavi wildlife camp and in the years that we have been selling Katavi Wildlife Camp we have heard stories such as “and then the pride of lion chased the male leopard underneath our vehicle” and “we could not go back to our room as the pride had taken their buffalo kill and dragged it onto the verandah to relax and eat at leisure”. Not necessarily the ideal situation for going to sleep comfortably…but, without doubt, something that will live in the memory for a lifetime…this is that sort of place and Katavi Wildlife is that sort of camp.




The only camp in the park to be granted a permanent license, Katavi Wildlife was originally founded by two of the Fox Family, a family synonymous with Tanzania, who had been exploring through the area. The camp, over the years has really become part of the environment here and, located in the acacia forest at the edge of the plains, really blends into the habitat.


The rooms are fairly simple in their design with a wooden plinth and thatched roofing covering the canvas tent inside. Similarly, the main area has an earthy feel to it…but it all works really well and makes the camp, while simple, very comfortable and homely.


Katavi Wildlife is not sold as a high-end camp, but an excellent place to come and see game and experience all that Katavi as a safari destination has to offer. Most people who spend the time and money to get out here are usually safari fanatics and so this camp suits them perfectly….but we would recommend coming here to absolutely anyone….this is what it is all about!

2.Nomad Tanzania-Chada Katavi


One thing that the Nomads cooperative have firmly built into all of their camps is the emphasis on wildlife. All of their camps, Sand Rivers, Greystoke Mahale, Nomads Serengeti, are unique in their design and have tried to incorporate whichever habitat they are located in into the features. This is no exception in Chada Camp. The simple design of the tents, with the small external walkway to the loos, is in keeping with the exploratory nature of the park itself and it really adds to the experience.


The camp, as with many camps in seasonal areas across Africa, is broken down when the rains arrive in November and so has a fairly short usage life. This means that, instead of plumbing and other more permanent features, they have decided to pare the camp back to basics with long drop loos and bucket showers…in all honesty, if you have never used these before, there is absolutely no difference to normal….if, like me, you are a Londoner, you may actually find this to be an improvement!


The game in the area and the park is, without doubt, some of the best in Africa and, taking in the great service and food in camp, this is a superb little option.

3.Chada Katavi Fly Camp

It’s a deeply respected tradition at Chada to escape from main camp and sleep out in the real middle of nowhere. It’s what we LOVE doing. There is no place in the world that feels like Katavi and nothing gets you quite as close to that feeling than fly camping.



We send an advance party out to pitch camp and walk you in for couple of hours, to arrive just before sunset.  The trick is to leave as much as possible behind: stuff, other people, and current affairs. This is your chance to see Katavi like we did before we had a “proper” camp. (Some may argue this is the “proper” camp.)

There’s a million wild acres of Katavi to head into, where humans hardly ever venture. Part of our skill is keeping you safe in such a wild place; the other is picking the perfect campsite, beside open floodplains, under the shadiest trees, for the widest stretch of night-sky.

4.Mbali Mbali Katavi

Access & location: 

Mbali Mbali Katavi is one of the Luxury accommodation in Katavi National Park and accessed via light aircraft flight into Ikuu Airstrip, followed by a brief road transfer, is positioned on the sprawling plains of Katavi, amidst tall palm trees and acacias.


Accommodation & facilities at mbali mbali katavi:

The communal lodge is a classic wood-and-thatch structure on a very large scale! A wide flight of steps leads travellers up onto the viewing deck, which incorporates a swimming pool with sunloungers laid out alongside. Inside, there is a spacious lounge, featuring well-cushioned wood-framed seating around coffee tables, a tea-and-coffee station, bookshelves, reading lamps, and a telescope for taking a closer look at the surrounding bushscape. The dining area is very roomy too, and includes chic wooden tables flanked by upright chairs. As the lodge is open sided, you can enjoy amazing views wherever you choose to be. You can even dine on the deck, or cosy up by the fireplace on chilly nights! With lanterns hanging overhead and the sounds of nature all around, Katuma can feel incredibly atmospheric.


Guest accommodation here consists of 11 rooms and one suite. Each Safari Room occupies the perimeter of the Katisunga floodplains close to the communal building. Like the lodge, this option is raised above ground level.

A few steps lead up to a private veranda, set with two easy chairs and a small table – there’s a hammock here too. Stroll into the tent, and you will find a king-size bed or twin beds, as well as mosquito nets. There is a writing desk and chair, a luggage rack, and a separate seating area. Each room’s en-suite facilities comprise flush toilet, washbasin, indoor shower, and outdoor shower.

The overall look is comfortable and stylish, with details such as carved headboards and colourful cushions adding a lot of interest! The Sable Suite is equally impressive. This option overlooks the floodplains too and has two bedrooms, each with a king-size bed and en-suite shower room.

The suite also boasts a private deck expansive enough for a day bed, sunloungers, and a dining table, in addition to an outside spa tub. Highlights of the interiors include air conditioning, two separate lounge areas. There is a satellite television, a buffet/breakfast bar, and a fully stocked fridge. And there’s a private butler service. The food and drink is delicious, with a variety of options available. Breakfast and lunch in camp or prepared as a packed meal, plus communal or private dining. And there’s an outdoor BBQ twice weekly!

Activities at mbali mbali katavi:

  • From this sumptuous base camp, you can take part in exceptionally good game drives, which start out in early morning and late afternoon.
  • When it comes to wildlife viewing, Katavi is very special indeed!
  • Huge herds of elephant, buffalo, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, and antelopes roam the plains.
  • Predators such as lion, leopard, and cheetah are at large where savanna meets woodland. These appear on the grasses whenever they have a chance of catching a meal!
  • There are lots of hyena too, and wild dog within the park’s escarpment.
  • The river attracts incredible numbers of hippo and crocodile.
  • Vast flocks of pink-backed pelican, crested crane, storks, and spoonbills soar through the skies. The wooded areas resound with the calls of paradise flycatcher and golden oriole.
  • Visitors to Katavi guarantee spectacular sightings – just make sure you pack your camera and binocs!
  • Night drives are also on offer, providing exciting opportunities to check out the nocturnal life of the national park. Such as the wide-eyed bushbaby and long-tailed pangolin.


  1. Palahala Camp

Palahala Camp is a luxury accommodation in Katavi National Park Western Tanzania
No of rooms: 8 tents
Style: Quirky octagonal safari tents with character
Highlights: Fantastic views from your room
Dining: Dining in a different place each night, or on your own verandah

Palahala Camp


Palahala’s eight tents are all octagonal in shape, and have private verandahs which overlook the bush and river. This provides constant wildlife viewing throughout the day and night. Old fashioned hurricane lamps create a romantic atmosphere. The quirky décor of the camp is both traditional safari and modern African. There is a fantastic sundowner spot, often visited by herds of hippo, eland, sable and roan antelope.

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