1.Manyara Wildlife Safari Camp

It is one of the most desired of the Mid-range accommodation in Lake Manyara National Park in Northern Tanzania, where the popular Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Manyara game reserves are located. The name ‘Manyara’ comes from the Masaai word ‘emanyara’ which is a euphorbia species of plant grown in a particular area. Manyara Wildlife Safari Camp is set in the exclusive wilderness surrounded by rugged hills of the rift valley escarpment. The camp lies in a gentle plain slope against a backdrop of brushwood hills.

The camp operates throughout the year, including the best period for wildlife spotting as well as bird-watching. On arrival, guests travel by a four-wheel drive vehicle to a rough pathway, experiencing the safari itself to the camp. The entrance to the camp is via a pathway that leads through the lounge area, opening onto views of the fringes of the Hills and the Lake Manyara, which are within the grounds of Manyara National Park.


Manyara Wildlife Safari Camp offers accommodation in authentic tents and cottages, complete with modern necessities, located in the most enchanting wilderness and beauty within the view the National Park and Lake Manyara. The dining area is softly-lit by lamps and serves continental classics and contemporary Indian and traditional dishes with vegetables and herbs grown from the local villages.

Guests can enjoy, relax and watch TV in the upper floor of our dining area with a splendid view of the park and Lake Manyara. The swimming pool is located in front of the dining area. Refreshing dips are perfect for cooling off after a day spent in the heat of the jungle. The experience of staying at Manyara Wildlife Safari Camp is fully game viewing, especially the lions, giraffe, elephants and other.
The pure feeling of relaxation and serenity, a sensation that is nearly impossible to come by in busy, everyday life. This can surely be in the camp.

  1. Ango Tree Hotel

It is a short distance from Babati town, 170 km from Arusha City. The hotel also offers comfortable bed and breakfast accommodation in stone-built cottages, in a quiet countryside setting.




The cottage-style rooms all include comfortable beds, en-suite bathrooms and a seating area. Elegantly presented, the rooms include French doors leading out into the garden. They serve meals at the main building in the elegant dining room or garden terrace.

The friendly staff can assist with activities including guided walks, canoeing and mountain climbing. Conference facilities, a gift shop and business centre with Wi-Fi is available to guests.

3.Kirurumu Tented Lodge


Kirurumu Tented Lodge is a great little camp that has the feel of a camp that has sole ownership. Looking out over the sweeping Rift Valley and towards Lake Manyara National Park, there is nothing like arriving after a long journey to Tanzania, putting your feet up and sipping on a G&T as the sun goes down.


The rooms at Kirurumu are fairly simple using the traditional safari construction of wooden plinth and balcony with palm roof and the main canvas tent hanging off this frame. This construction is great in that it allows the tent to remain cool in the heat of the African day. It also offers some shade to look out to the view. Moreover, it allows for plenty of room inside the tents and the simple but spacious design also works well.


A whole host of activities can be done out of the camp such as guided walks along the Escarpment, game driving in Manyara National park or even night driving, which is a relatively new addition to the options. This is definitely worth a stop at some point in the itinerary.

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