Scheduled domestic flights to Queen Elizabeth national park

Scheduled domestic flights to Queen Elizabeth national park










Scheduled domestic flights to Queen Elizabeth national park: Queen Elizabeth national park is located in the Western part of Uganda near Kibale and Rwenzori National park. The park is famous for its unique wildlife species which have higher chances of viewing in East Africa. There are quite different intimidating species in the park like the big four, climbing lions in the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth and other savanna wildlife species. Additionally, there are several birds and reptiles that you can view in the park.

Animals and activities

The park has about 612 bird species that you can see in the wild for the bird lovers who wish to be part of this experience. The park has several sectors, for instance;

  • the famous Ishasha sector known for its tree climbing lions
  • Mweya peninsular
  • Kasenyi plains
  • Kyambura gorge
  • Lake Katwe
  • Areas of Lake Edward and Gorge.

Furthermore, you can combine your trip with other exciting activities in Queen Elizabeth national park such as;

  • lion tracking in Kasenyi plains
  • mongoose tracking at Mweya peninsular
  • boat cruise at Kazinga channel
  • community visits of the Bakiga
  • nature walks

Consequently, all these will make a memorable safari unforgettable to attract you back to visiting Uganda, the Pearl of Africa and its wonders.


For all those who wish to get to the park by flying in; Pamoja tours and Travel Company has pointed out different daily flights that are organized based at Kajjansi airstrip. The company also organizes different tours with our expertise. Additionally, we offer different safari packages for all tourists who wish to explore the famous Queen Elizabeth National park of Uganda.

Scheduled domestic flights to Queen Elizabeth national park.

Accessing the park by flying in is the best option since it is time saving and non-tiring. There are scheduled domestic flights to Queen Elizabeth arranged by Aero link Uganda limited and Fly Uganda. These are the only domestic airline companies that provide scheduled and chattered domestic flights to Queen Elizabeth National park.

Furthermore, these flights are designated to different airstrips that connect you to Queen Elizabeth national park;

  • Mweya airstrip
  • Kasese airstrip
  • Kihihi airstrip
  • Nyakisarara airstrip.

Note that Kihihi and Nyakisarara are not usually used by those who are going to Queen Elizabeth because they are a bit far, away from the park. Also the route and the airstrip to land depends on the routing timetable of the airline and your travel dates.

The chattered flights are based at Kajjansi airstrip which fly directly to Kasese airfield. It’s advisable to fly to Kasese because it is the shortest route possible taking you just 1 hour 15 minutes to get to the park from Entebbe/Kajjansi airstrip.

When you reach the airstrips, it’s advisable to go directly to your lodge which takes 10-40 minutes. Meanwhile, for those who land in Mweya airstrip, it’s just a walkable distance to Mweya peninsular where lodges are located. This therefore implies that the total time you will spend travelling will approximately be 1 hour 15-45 minutes time.

Daily scheduled flights

Aero link operates 3 scheduled flights from Entebbe to Kasese airstrip and another from Entebbe to Mweya airstrip. However, the second/midmorning flight only operates in the high/peak seasons therefore, during the low seasons, it’s only the morning and afternoon flight working. The flights timing depends on the weather, the season and aircraft routing.

The first flight leaves at 7AM from Entebbe to Mweya or Kasese and lands back in Entebbe at 11:25AM.
The second flights leaves at 10:15AM from Entebbe to Mweya or Kasese and lands back in Entebbe at 13:30PM.

The last flight leaves at 12:00PM from Entebbe to Mweya or Kasese and lands back in Entebbe at 16:15 PM.

Where to stay in Queen Elizabeth?

Queen Elizabeth has different accommodation facilities around it since it is a popular tourist destination. These lodges range from budget, midrange and luxury accommodation facilities.

Accommodation facilities include;

  • Mazike safari lodge
  • Katara lodge
  • Bush lodge
  • Kyambura gorge lodge
  • Buffalo lodge
  • Elephant hab lodge

Feel free to contact Pamoja tours and travel company for more information, bookings and inquiries on where to stay. We will advise you according to your budget and interests.

Best time to visit Queen Elizabeth National park.

The best time is in the months of June to September and January to February where the grass is short, making it so easy to spot lions in the field. This also increases the chances of seeing other wildlife, as there will be search for water by animals around the fewer remaining water holes.

Additionally, the dry season is favorable for the fantastic uninterrupted game drives because the roads happen to be dry with low chances of getting rainfall to interrupt the trips.

However, the park is open for visitors throughout the year because it is crossed by the Equator therefore, there are two tropical rainfall periods. This implies that all activities in the park continue taking place regardless of the weather changes.

The rainy season makes it a bit hard to move and carry out all activities in the park. More to that, the roads are slippery which makes game drives challenging.

Chimpanzee tracking.

The park has a place well known for chimpanzee tracking called Kyambura gorge, most of the visitors usually involve themselves in chimpanzee tracking. This activity requires you to get a permit which allows you to be part of the activity. This is very easy if you trust Pamoja tours and travel company to help you acquire the permits.


The park has over 600 bird species that are available for bird lovers to watch. The park has the highest bird species in the 10 national parks, with an exceptionally high number of birds which tourists can view on Lake Edward, Kazinga channel and Ishasha River. Birding here is perfect, through the open savanna grass lands and along the water banks where you will be able to spot various bird species like African crake, long-crested eagle, broad-billed roller, African white-backed vulture, African green pigeon, Ross turaco, white headed barbet, grey woodpeckers among others. These are easy to view even on your game drives in the park, others like water birds, swamp birds, savannah birds and some Albertine rift endemic birds in Queen Elizabeth national park.

Boat cruise

Those who fancy surveying water on a boat, explore the spectacular Kazinga channel as you enjoy the luxurious boat cruise. These are organized by Queen Elizabeth Park where you get to encounter a number of wildlife species and birds; antelopes, warthogs, hippos, elephants and many others on the banks of the waters of Kazinga channel.

Cultural tours

The peace between the local people and the park who work hand in hand is intimidating. For those who desire to explore something out of wildlife, cultural tours are the best options for you to meet and interact with the local people. The Kasoga community is the best community with different cultural stories and the activities that they are running outside the park.

Game drives in Queen Elizabeth Park.

The game drives conducted in Kasenyi plains and Mweya peninsular explore the rich wildlife species in the park sector. Besides wildlife, there are different tree species like the rare candelabra trees, magical views of lakes and mountain views. There are a number of wildlife species around like the hyenas, buffaloes, elephants, lions and many others. Ishasha sector gives you tree climbing lions that are unique in their nature and magnificent land scape dominated by savannah woodland tree species like the huge fig trees, Cactus tress, and acacia trees etc.


Please contact Pamoja tours and travel company to arrange for you a package, book permits and your accommodation. This is the easiest way of booking because we will advise you accordingly and book everything yet you don’t have to even lift a figure. We can help you book accommodation, secure your trekking permits, arrange different activities that can be done after trekking and transport you to your destination.domestic flights to Queen

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