FAQ About Hiking Mt Muhavura, Sabinyo And Gahinga Safaris

Faq Mt.Sabinyo-Gahinga and Muhabura FAQ About Hiking Mt Muhavura; At the top, you will be able to see some animal species like elephants and birds for bird lovers. At the top of Mt Gahinga, you will be able to see different plant life grown in the swamps in the crater formed; plants like Alchemilla, Lobelia thrive, and Senecio. Hiking takes a lot of energy, therefore, all hikers should first go for medical checkups and carry small first aid kits for those with medical conditions.

MT Sabinyo

The mountain is along the borders of Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic republic of Congo about 3669 meters above sea level. Sabinyo translates to old man’s teeth because it has three peaks that look like three spaced teeth that are worn out. The mountain is the oldest volcano in the range. Additionally, it has got a number of craters and rugged terrain which makes it one of the most challenging mountains to hike of the three.

MT Muhavura

FAQ About Hiking Mt Muhavura; The mountain is found in Mgahinga national park along the Rwanda-Uganda border and is the highest of all with 4127 meters above sea level to hike. The mountain has a small crater at its summit which takes about 5 hours hike to reach the summit.

In addition, it is the highest mountain of the eight major mountains of the mountain range. Furthermore, the range is part of the Albertine Rift, the Western branch of the East African Rift. Also, the name Muhavura translates to the guide from Kinyarwanda.

MT Gahinga

This is the smallest of the three mountains with 3474 meters above sea level to hike. The mountain has a bigger swampy crater at the top of the summit with its name, Gahinga which translates to a pile of stones. The mountain is a dormant volcano of the Virunga Mountains and is the easiest to hike of all the mountains.

Is it safe to hike Mgahinga volcanoes?

Hiking the volcanoes is very safe since safety for all visitors is the number one priority where you are given two armed rangers to hike the mountains with hikers, guides to guide you, and tell you anything you need to know about and ensure that you are safe.

Some of the Popular Uganda Safari you can customize for hiking.

Where are the mountains found?

The mountains are found in the Southwestern part of Uganda within Mgahinga gorilla national park in the Kisoro district. The mountains are very close to each other in that you can be able to view the beautiful scenery of Rwanda and the Democratic republic of Congo while on the mountain tops. Mgahinga national park where the mountains are located in the smallest park but harbors some of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas. While on your safari, there is a possibility of seeing them.

How much is hiking Mt Sabinyo, Mt Muhavura, and MT Gahinga?

The cost of hiking the mountains depends on your budget and the number of days you are planning to go hiking. Pamoja tours and Travel Company can arrange different inclusive packages that are mouthwatering. Such inclusive budgets cover accommodation, transportation, entrance fees, hiking fees, porter fees, and other services.

The hiking fee for the mountains for each person is 80USD for foreign nonresidents, 70USD for foreign residents, and 50000UG shillings for East African residents.

You will also have to pay park entrance fees for Mgahinga national park which cost 40USD for foreign nonresidents, 30USD for foreign residents, and 20000UG shillings for East African residents per day.

How long does it take to hike the mountains?

FAQ About Hiking Mt Muhavura, Sabinyo, and Gahinga; Hiking is one of the most intense activities but rewarding at the end; hiking these mountains is the easiest. However, you need to be ready for long hikes of about 7-8 hours.

Mountain Muhavura being the highest of the three mountains takes about 6-7 hours hike, mountain Sabinyo takes 4-5 hours and Gahinga takes about 6 hours. The pace, weather, and the trails matter while hiking and these may make either easier or harder to hike. The time spent hiking, therefore, depends on such factors. However, the hike is more fun and enjoyable as you walk through the beautiful forests. While there, you will be able to see different wildlife species when you reach the top of the mountains.

You will also be able to see crater lakes at the top or summit of the mountains where you will be hiking. Mountain Gahinga is therefore for those who want to hike but aren’t so physically fit. It is actually the easiest mountain to hike (of the three).

How to book and when to visit Mgahinga volcanoes for trekking safaris?

FAQ About Hiking Mt Muhavura, Sabinyo, and Gahinga; Booking and hiking take place all year round. Contact us with your planned dates of hiking, we will organize a suitable package for you. When you confirm your booking by paying your invoice, we will book for your trip and secure all the services for your trip in advance like accommodation, transportation, pay your hiking and entrance fee.

When is the best time to book and hike Mgahinga volcanoes?

The park receives rainfall throughout the year because it is experiences mountain and tropical climatic weather conditions. However, this should not stop you for visiting at any time of the year. However, the months of January, February, June, July, August, and September are the best since the park is drier and there is little or no rainfall.

When to stay while hiking Mgahinga volcanoes?

The park has a number of accommodation facilities that are budget, midrange, and luxurious accommodation. Most of the lodges, however, are outside the park around Kisoro which is just 30 minutes drive to the park headquarters. Accommodation in the park includes; Gahinga lodge, Chahafi lodge, Lake Mulehe lodge.

What other activities can be done in the park besides hiking the volcanoes?

FAQ About Hiking Mt Muhavura, Sabinyo, and Gahinga; Mgahinga National Park is famous for gorilla trekking, this can be part of the activities to do during or after your hiking adventure. More to that, you can include birding, natural walks or even cultural visits.


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