How to reschedule chimpanzee permits in Uganda

How to reschedule chimpanzee permits in Uganda:

How to reschedule chimpanzee permits in Uganda













Chimpanzee tracking is one of the most famous activities done in Uganda. However, for anyone to take part in this activity, you are supposed to have a valid chimpanzee tracking permit. The permit either allows you one hour of viewing the gorillas or four hours which is the case for those who wish to take part in the chimpanzee habituation experience. The only places where chimpanzee tracking takes place in Uganda are the Kyambura forest of Queen Elizabeth national park, Kibale forest national park, Budongo forest reserve, Kalinzu forest. These are especially famous for their chimpanzee-tracking activities with the Kibale forest national park as the primate capital in Uganda.

Chimpanzee trekking

Chimpanzees are some of the endangered species in their natural environment and this is one of the life experiences that you will surely enjoy with no regrets. Chimpanzee tracking allows you to see the chimps in their natural environment after habituation. In other words, you will see chimpanzees that are familiar with human presence as they continue doing their day-to-day activities like feeding, resting, and moving.

This experience requires you to go through the forest with the help of a guide and a ranger where you will see the chimps for an hour. This trek usually takes a couple of hours before you trace a chimp group.

Chimpanzee habituation

Chimpanzee habituation experience on the other hand allows you four hours’ time to visit the chimpanzees that are not yet used to humans but are in the process. You should expect some wild behavior from the chimpanzees as they run and hide away from your presence.

There are guides, researchers that guide you through the experience as they continue studying about the chimpanzee group which is done in designated areas.

Booking chimpanzee permits and rescheduling them.

Booking for chimpanzee permits is very essential when it comes to chimpanzee trekking. One can book The permits for Kalinzu forest, Kibale park reserve from the Uganda wildlife authority. Once you contact Pamoja tours and travel company for help in booking for tracking permits, we will first check for availability of the permits on your preferred dates. In case the permits are available, we will first book for them for a while and ask you to make payment for the permit. Once you finish booking for the permit, we shall secure them and send you scanned receipts to confirm the purchase of your permit in your email.

Note that you should book your trekking permits 3-4 months earlier especially during the high seasons.

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Trekking seasons

High seasons have very many trekkers and thus take many of the permits. Therefore, for those who wish to go tracking in such seasons, book your permits earlier to avoid disappointments. During the high season, the parks are dry and hence making it easy to track the chimpanzees. This season is in the months of December, January, February, July, August, and September. Furthermore, most of the tourists prefer these dates because of the warm weather. On the other hand, the months of March, April, May, June, October, and November are usually tricky for trekkers. Despite all this, trekking for chimpanzees still goes on.

Rescheduling for the permits.

Rescheduling for chimpanzee permits is very easy, Pamoja tours and Travel Company has helped a number of clients especially during this covid-19 pandemic to do so. To reschedule your permit, you need to have valid reasons and you should have paid fully for the permit. With this, you can move your trip dates and permits to another date. Once you contact us, we will write a letter to the Uganda wildlife authority with valid reasons requesting a push in the trekking days. This comes with no extra charge and it’s a one time offer. Once we receive a confirmation of your request’s approval, we will inform you right away.

How to choose rescheduling dates for your chimpanzee permit.

Deciding on rescheduling dates means that your travel dates have changed to another date. When rescheduling for your permits, you need to first check the availability of the permits on the date you want to trek. Rescheduling for the permit should be done before 2 weeks of your trekking date.

Cost of chimpanzee tracking permits

Chimpanzee tracking is more affordable than gorilla trekking. The permits for chimpanzees cost USD200 for foreign nonresidents, USD150 for foreign residents, and UG 150000 shillings for all east African residents.

Chimpanzee tracking permits for Kyambura gorge cost USD50 FOR foreign nonresidents and residents and UG 30,000 shillings for East African residents.

Chimpanzee tracking permit costs for Budongo reserve and Murchison falls national park cost USD100 per person for foreign non-residents, USD90 for foreign residents, and USD 55 for East African residents. This, therefore, implies that your trekking permit cost depends on the place where you are going to trek.


With Pamoja tours and Travel Company, the safaris we organize are in and out of Uganda around east African countries. You can take part in chimpanzee tracking at a budget plan, midrange, or luxury plan for we give you the best we can. We can help you plan for your safari and book for your accommodation and transportation. Please contact us for more information and inquiries or visit our website.

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